Protect Your Teeth By Limiting Your Intake Of These Drinks

If you want to protect your smile during the day, you may want to consider reaching for a glass of water. Drinking more water can help you remain hydrated, which helps your body naturally protect your teeth by producing saliva. You also help yourself by choosing this beverage in the place of other drink options, which may be less than kind to your teeth. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is committed to helping community members of all ages take care of their smiles. Part of that commitment means encouraging good habits when you are not in the office, as the right behaviors can make it easier for you to stop problems like tooth decay from affecting you. (more…)

Should I Schedule A Dental Visit Because Of A Toothache?

How much concern should you really feel over a toothache? Pain in your tooth can negatively impact your diet, and it can generally leave you in a sour mood. A toothache can feel like a different type of problem than a pain felt somewhere else in your body. A dental problem can be permanent, and it can worsen over time without effective professional treatment. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with a painful or sensitive tooth. In fact, our patients can even reach out to book an emergency dental appointment if they have serious concerns or are in significant discomfort. (more…)

Are You Doing Enough To Maintain Your Periodontal Health?

If you want to practice good oral hygiene, you take care to protect yourself against more than just tooth decay. In order to fight potential problems with your periodontal health, you should focus on cleaning the spaces where your teeth and gum line meet in order to stop bacteria from attacking these tissues. Without the appropriate level of care, it is possible for oral bacteria to infiltrate these tissues and cause gingivitis, which can progress to more serious gum disease in time. While your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can alert you to signs of gingivitis during a routine dental exam, you can actually watch out for this problem at home by examining your gums during your oral care routine. (more…)

What Is The Connection Between Stress And Oral Health?

How much can stress really do to affect your smile? You might be surprised to find that tense periods in your life can be a real factor when it comes to maintaining your oral health. The changes we make when enduring periods of stress are often not good for our teeth. For example, many individuals turn to comfort foods that are less healthy, or rely on quick meals and snacks that are less nutritious. Over time, this can lead to your smile being exposed to more sugar, and that can lead to cavity troubles. This is one of several issues that may be linked to stress. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office helps patients maintain their dental health through regular dental exams, and we can provide guidance if you want to do a better job caring for your teeth at home. (more…)

Can I Safely Put Bite Pressure On A Dental Prosthetic?

Having your smile restored through implant dentistry can give you back more than just a complete smile. Dental implants make it possible to keep replacement teeth securely in their proper positions, which makes them useful for restoring your bite function. Once your smile has been restored, you can bite and chew with a natural movement. Because of this, you can start enjoying any foods that you previously struggled to enjoy. This can be important for individuals after tooth loss, as it can be difficult to maintain a nutritious, varied diet with a limited dental function. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office has helped many people restore their smiles through implant-based dental work, and we can help you enjoy life with your prosthetic appliance. (more…)

The Importance Of Keeping Tartar Off Your Smile

Brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis will help you avoid cavities and limit your chances of developing gingivitis. Consistency is an important aspect of your routine, as it helps you prevent the accumulation of tartar on your teeth. Plaque formation is a problem, but it is something you can address when you clean your teeth. Tartar is plaque in a hardened form. When tartar is present, the substance can remain until you undergo your next professional teeth cleaning. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is here to help patients by providing these services during routine checkups. While checkups are certainly important, a consistent daily routine can keep you safe against plaque and tartar buildup, which makes you less likely to have problems at your next exam. (more…)

Parents And Kids Can Benefit From These Oral Health Tips

While you (hopefully) care about the health and appearance of your smile, you also have to worry over the oral health of your kids. Once children are old enough to start taking care of brushing and flossing themselves, parents can feel concern over the possibility that they are not doing enough to protect themselves against cavities and gum disease. At regular pediatric dental exams, your Rochester, MN dentist is able to provide kids tips and lessons on better oral hygiene. These appointments can also help kids learn more about why oral health is something that they should take seriously. With that said, parents can play a key role in helping kids learn to care for their teeth. With the right approach, you can be a good role model to your kids while also taking care of your own smile. (more…)

Recognizing And Responding To Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth

How worried should you be if you think your tooth might have developed an infection? If an infection is not addressed in time, bacteria that are accumulating in your tooth can actually travel through the roots and create new issues that affect your well-being. If the damage is serious enough, an infection can also lead to the loss of your tooth! Your Rochester, MN dentist is prepared to take on a tooth infection. Through root canal therapy, damaged tissues and bacteria can be carefully removed from the tooth before it is sealed and restored.

What Impact Can Gum Disease Have On Your Health?

The symptoms of gingivitis can be worrying, and they can also cause you some embarrassment. One problem you can deal with is chronic bad breath, which is certainly something that can make you uncomfortable. You may also notice that your gums bleed frequently when you clean your teeth, and that your gum line is starting to recede. Fortunately, gingivitis can be addressed through smart preventive dental care. By cleaning more effectively at your gum line and keeping up with regular dental checkups, you can manage the problem before it becomes more serious. Your Rochester, MN dentist can talk with you about any issues you have with gingivitis before recommending treatment. If the issue is not resolved in time, it can lead to you a more advanced infection that is harder to control. (more…)

3 Things That Patients Should Know About Tooth Decay

It seems obvious to state that your brushing and flossing habits help you protect your smile against tooth decay, and that if a cavity does form you should seek care from your dentist. While people tend to have basic information about cavities, they may not know what makes them such a worrying oral health problem, and what is involved in restoring your smile when one forms. One important thing to remember is that even a small cavity does permanent damage to your enamel. You should also know that by delaying treatment, you can give the problem time to worsen. In addition to offering preventive and cosmetic services, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is ready to help if you need work done for a cavity. (more…)