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Maintaining Your Smile After Having Your Teeth Whitened

If you have struggled with past attempts to maintain a bright smile, you can be eager to see results from a professional whitening procedure. A whitening procedure provided by your dentist can effectively deal with stains that store bought treatments have proven ineffective against. This approach is one that can take place inside the dentist’s… Read more »

We Can Provide Different Solutions For Teeth Stains

Why does it seem like your teeth are steadily becoming duller or more discolored? Even with a good daily oral care routine in place, you may find that it is hard to stop stains from worsening because many of the products we enjoy leave particles on our teeth that affect their color. Those particles that… Read more »

Tips To Keep Your Smile Bright After A Whitening Treatment

If you no longer have confidence in your appearance because of teeth stains, it may be time to discuss a professional whitening treatment. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office we can discuss treatment at our office, or we can send you home with a custom whitening kit that you can use on your own time…. Read more »

Taking Care Of Teeth Stains Left By Tobacco Use

Leaving a history of tobacco use behind you can improve your health in important ways. Unfortunately, quitting cigarettes (or any other tobacco product) will not make the stains left in your teeth leave with your habit. If your dental enamel is stained by tobacco products, it can be hard to effectively restore the color of… Read more »

How Much Can My Smile Improve After A Whitening Treatment?

The idea of “slightly whiter” teeth might be appealing, but if you are bothered by the current color of your smile, you may be eager for truly noticeable improvements. Unfortunately, when you rely on store bought whitening products, the changes you see can be limited. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, our patients can come… Read more »

Have You Struggled To Address Dental Discoloration?

Knowing that dental discoloration is a common issue does not dismiss the embarrassment a person can feel when they feel their teeth have lost their whiteness. A dull or discolored smile can create feelings of self-consciousness that hurt your overall confidence, and may change the way you interact with others. Instead of hiding your teeth… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Stains Becoming Harder To Ignore?

If you can’t help but feel that your smile appears dull or discolored, particularly when you compare your current appearance to older pictures, it may be time to address teeth stains. Even with consistent brushing and flossing, it can be difficult to stop stains from building up on our teeth over time. As they accumulate,… Read more »

Can Our Teeth Whitening Agents Help You Brighten Your Smile?

If your smile is currently making you uncomfortable because you feel it has become dull or discolored, you can be eager to see improvements. Unfortunately, you may find that the teeth whitening products available to you at your local grocery store and pharmacy have less impact on the way you look than you hoped, leaving… Read more »

Avoiding Teeth Stains After A Whitening Procedure

When you notice a change in your smile color, you may begin to look for solutions. Store bought whitening treatments can have some effect on the way you look, but you may be let down by the overall improvements. Our Rochester, MN dental practice is ready to help you see bigger improvements with a professional… Read more »

Forming A Plan To Effectively Address Your Discolored Teeth

If you have observed a change in the color of your smile, and feel that it is not as bright as it used to be, your confidence can be shaken. Dental discoloration can affect the overall quality of your appearance, while also making your teeth appear less healthy. While there are several items at your… Read more »