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Six Month Smiles

Are you an adult that has been self-conscious about having crooked teeth but are too embarrassed to wear traditional wire braces? Today there are a number of alternative treatments. You can straighten your teeth and enhance your smile in less than half the time of traditional braces and without the embarrassment. Today, your Rochester MN general… Read more »

FAQs: Straighter Smiles in Just Six Months

We all want a beautiful smile that we proudly show the world. Unfortunately, for many people misalignment stands between them and optimal dental health. To obtain a stunning smile, you may require orthodontic treatment. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, your Rochester MN dentists can help you enjoy an even smile with the innovative Six… Read more »

Quiz: Straighter Smiles in Just Six Months

Do you have an even, beautiful smile? If misalignment is preventing you from enjoying a perfect smile, you may benefit from orthodontic treatment. Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Heimer offer our patients straighter smiles in as little as six months. Find out how your Rochester MN dentists can improve the health and beauty of your smile… Read more »

A New You in 2015, with Six Month Smiles

Before long, we’ll be ushering in 2015. But if you traveled back in time to any average middle school, say, 20 or 30 years ago, you’d be likely to witness a sea of adolescent tin grins. The process of keeping this unsightly, bulky metal on young teeth to straighten them out could last up to… Read more »