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Root Canals And Dental Health

If you have a problem with your dental health, timely treatment is important. The longer you wait to deal with this issue, the more likely it is to cause complications, including complications with an infection. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can provide you with root canal therapy to address an infection that has… Read more »

Tell Your Dentist About Tooth Pain

When it comes to tooth pain, being the “strong, silent type” can have serious consequences. A persistent or serious discomfort can be your warning that you have an infection that needs to be treated. Without the appropriate services from your dentist, your tooth’s health can deteriorate, leading to potentially serious complications like tooth loss! At… Read more »

Scheduling Root Canal Therapy To Address A Toothache

Your growing concern over a toothache has you thinking you might need to see your dentist. Is this really a problem that calls for restorative dental work, or can you simply wait for the pain to subside on its own? While brief periods of dental pain can sometimes be traced back to a sinus infection,… Read more »

Should I Schedule A Dental Visit Because Of A Toothache?

How much concern should you really feel over a toothache? Pain in your tooth can negatively impact your diet, and it can generally leave you in a sour mood. A toothache can feel like a different type of problem than a pain felt somewhere else in your body. A dental problem can be permanent, and… Read more »

Recognizing And Responding To Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth

How worried should you be if you think your tooth might have developed an infection? If an infection is not addressed in time, bacteria that are accumulating in your tooth can actually travel through the roots and create new issues that affect your well-being. If the damage is serious enough, an infection can also lead… Read more »

Contact Your Dentist If You Are Worried About A Toothache

A toothache can be more than just an inconvenience, or a reason you had a hard time enjoying your last meal. If your tooth is hurting without an obvious cause, it could be a sign of infection. Infections can develop when a cavity is not caught in time to stop decay from exposing your tooth… Read more »

Treating An Injured Or Infected Tooth With A Root Canal

If you keep your teeth clean through brushing and flossing each day, and you consistently schedule preventive dental appointments, you can manage your risk for serious tooth troubles. If an advanced problem with a tooth does arise, your Rochester, MN dentist is ready to provide a root canal treatment to address it. Root canals are… Read more »

Ignoring A Dental Problem Can Result In Complications

It might be nice to think a problem will go away on its own, but unfortunately, this rarely happens. Ignoring trouble with your oral health can be particularly problematic. A problem with a cavity, or unaddressed gum disease, can actually worsen if you go too long without the appropriate care. As a result, you can… Read more »

You Can Count On A Root Canal To Fix An Infected Tooth

You should obviously do what you can to avoid developing an infected tooth. Effective daily dental care that lowers your risk for cavities can certainly help with this. Unfortunately, many people who believe they do a good job preventing smile problems will develop tooth decay, and some of those individuals will go without treatment until… Read more »

Serious Tooth Problems Can Call For A Root Canal Treatment

There are many occasions where a patient can undergo a cavity treatment that does not involve a root canal procedure. In these cases, care was provided before decay reached the point where it could infect the tooth’s pulp, or the interior chamber where living tissues are housed. When you keep up with regular dental visits… Read more »