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We Can Discreetly Treat A Cavity

You can feel self-conscious when you hear that you have a cavity. The news can make you question your oral hygiene routine, but it can also leave you with concerns that your smile will permanently change due to dental work. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, you can learn how a cavity can be fully… Read more »

Taking Care Of A Chipped Tooth

Once you chip your tooth, you can feel as though you are stuck with a flawed, less attractive smile. After all, your enamel will not be able to naturally recover from the damage it has incurred. The good news is that treating this problem can be easier than you anticipate, and you can see results… Read more »

How Upset Should I Be About A Cracked Tooth?

Is a cracked tooth really an urgent concern, or can a dental injury look scarier than it actually is? Our tooth enamel does more than just help us bite through and break down tough foods. The strength of this material limits our risk for injuries that can lead to problems with infection. When your enamel… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Give You More Bite Support?

You can lose more than just confidence in your appearance when you lose a tooth. A single gap in your smile can change the way you bite and chew, which is why this problem sometimes leads to diet changes as well as an increase in jaw pain and stiffness. Dental implants help you avoid problems… Read more »

Helpful Information About Same-Day Dental Crowns

Because our Rochester, MN dentist’s office provides same-day dental crowns to our patients, we can take care of advanced cavities, dental injuries, and misshapen teeth in a shorter time than you might expect. CEREC technology lets us go through the steps of measuring a tooth, making a digital design of a custom crown, and physically… Read more »

3 Consequences Of Tooth Loss You’ll Want To Avoid

If you do nothing about tooth loss, you can leave yourself stuck with problems that affect your bite and appearance. You also make yourself vulnerable to new issues that can arise in time. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can talk with you about restoring your smile with dental implant-held restorations. Through implant dentistry, it is… Read more »

Including Dental Implants In Plans To Restore Your Smile

We offer an array of options to restore your smile, with treatments designed to address minor and severe damage, or to treat issues like tooth decay and dental infection. However, a major complication for your smile is the loss of one or more teeth. Your Rochester, MN, dentist will discuss why you should include dental… Read more »

A Same-Day Crown Can Imitate The Look Of Your Restored Tooth

Remaining patient can be difficult when you are undergoing work to restore your smile and oral health. When a person needs treatment to restore a tooth that is damaged, or badly affected by decay, they can be stuck waiting for the creation of a custom dental crown before their smile is properly restored. At other… Read more »

Arranging A Smile-Friendly Treatment For A Cavity

Whenever a cavity forms on a patient’s tooth, restorative dental work will have to occur to stop damage from spreading further. Cavities may start small, but when they are not treated they will worsen, causing more damage to your enamel before causing more concerning issues by infiltrating your tooth and causing an infection. Fortunately, the… Read more »

Caring For A Broken Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

A broken tooth should be cared for as soon as possible. Until you go through with treatment, the tooth will remain in a vulnerable state. Working around your injury will lead to the overuse of your other teeth, it can still lead to the accidental placement of pressure on your injury, and it can cause… Read more »