Category: Preventive Dentistry

Can You Protect Your Smile By Cutting Caffeine?

Consistent oral hygiene and regular trips for routine dental checkups are important, but the benefits of both can be negatively affected if you maintain a poor diet. One thing to consider is the potential impact that your caffeine consumption is having on your smile. Many drinks feature some caffeine, and you may rely on more… Read more »

Pursuing A Smart Strategy For Preventing Tartar Buildup

woman brushing teeth

What does your current approach to preventing tartar buildup look like? Are you consistently cleaning every part of your smile, even those portions of your teeth that are difficult to reach? Do you stick to the same routine on a daily basis, or do you sometimes skip brushing or flossing? Because tartar can form in… Read more »

Gingivitis Is Not A Problem That You Should Take Lightly

man worried about gingivitis

How much concern should signs of gingivitis really cause? If you think you have problems with gum disease, and you do not respond in time, know that the condition can grow more advanced in time. When this occurs, it becomes more difficult to address, and it raises your likelihood of losing teeth! Our Rochester, MN… Read more »

Can Good Oral Hygiene Prevent Dental Discoloration?

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By preventing the buildup of teeth stains, you can have an easier time remaining confident in your smile. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid all products that potentially cause stains. Many foods and beverages that we enjoy are able to leave particles that stain enamel, which can lead to a person’s smile appearing discolored… Read more »

Dehydration Can Make Cavity Prevention More Difficult

If you are having problems with tooth decay or gum disease, the issue may fall outside your most likely assumptions. While it may be true that your oral hygiene routine is due for some adjustments, it is also possible that a diet issue is negatively affecting your dental health. Dehydration can actually make your smile… Read more »

Can Your Stress Issues Become A Smile Concern?

stressed young woman

When you often have to manage high stress levels, you may struggle with different negative effects on your mood, or even on your physical well-being. One thing you should not ignore is the potential impact of stress on your dental health. The impact of stress can affect people in different ways. Some individuals will begin… Read more »

Past Cavity Issues? These Changes Can Help

If it feels like you rarely make it through a dental visit without a cavity being found, you may start to feel helpless against dental health troubles. It may be time to take more than just your brushing and flossing habits into account if you want to see better results. Making corrections to other aspects… Read more »

Tips For Making Sure Your Gums Stay Healthy

When you take time out of your day to clean your smile, do you think about how you can protect your gums? While many people recognize that brushing and flossing help them avoid cavities, it should be noted that these practices also help you avoid issues with gingivitis. Protection against periodontal problems is important. When… Read more »

Make Sure You Consistently Clean Between Teeth

You feel good about the time and effort you put into brushing your teeth. Does this mean you have nothing to worry about at your next routine dental checkup? Feeling confident in your oral hygiene is good, but that certainty can be misguided if you are not flossing. People who floss infrequently – or not… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums

As part of your routine dental evaluation, you will receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth. At the end of this cleaning, you can feel confident in the health of your smile…but what can you do to make sure you maintain that confidence until your next appointment, and the one after that? Our Rochester, MN… Read more »