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How Slim Porcelain Veneers Provide Big Smile Changes

How can something as slim as a dental veneer produce such big cosmetic changes? You may find it hard to believe that these thin restorations are capable of delivering meaningful improvements to the way you look. What you should know is that your Rochester, MN dentist can use veneers to hide damages, cover up gaps… Read more »

We Can Correct Smile Flaws With Custom Dental Veneers

How are you feeling about your smile these days? For some people, it can be hard to maintain smile confidence because of gradual discoloration, and the toll of wear and tear. Others can have long-term discomfort around the way they look because of teeth that are the wrong shape or size, or because of alignment… Read more »

Relying On Veneers To Produce Lasting Smile Improvements

While many people are enthusiastic about the idea of cosmetic dental work, they can be reluctant to actually seek out treatment. If you worry that your smile improvements would be short-lived, you may feel less than eager to undergo treatment. What you should know is that modern restorations can actually have lasting benefits, and you… Read more »

Veneers Are Carefully Crafted To Fit Teeth

Why does it matter that veneers are designed specifically for your teeth, and based on your desired smile improvements? To look their best, porcelain veneers should fit precisely, and avoid leaving any of your natural dental material exposed. In order to ensure your cosmetic dental procedure is truly effective at giving you your best smile,… Read more »

Schedule Smile Improvements With The Placement Of Veneers

Scheduling a cosmetic consultation with your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can lead to useful information regarding your potential smile improvements. This is about more than just learning what different cosmetic dental treatments involve. You can describe your concerns about your current smile, discuss what improvements you would like to see, and find out how different… Read more »

Fixing Your Smile Concerns With Veneers

How should you respond to problems with the look of your smile? Unfortunately, some individuals will respond to problems with the way they look by feeling resigned to them. You might feel stuck with discoloration after an over the counter whitening treatment fails to make noticeable improvements. You could be bothered by a tooth that… Read more »

Can I Trust Veneers To Provide Long-Term Smile Changes?

When you seek cosmetic dental care from your Rochester, MN dentist, you can find that many different services can be used to make smile improvements. One reason patients are advised to set up a complimentary cosmetic consultation is so the right procedure can be identified for their needs. In cases where a person wants to… Read more »

Common Questions About Veneers Asked During A Consultation

People who make time for a complimentary cosmetic consultation set these appointments with different goals in mind. A person who has been dissatisfied by attempts to whiten their smile with over the counter products may want to discuss the benefits of a professional whitening treatment. A person who is bothered by gaps or overlaps could… Read more »

Counting On Porcelain Veneers To Transform Your Smile

Are you looking to undergo big cosmetic changes? Many people who want to improve their appearance focus on the benefits they can gain from addressing problems with their smile. Modern cosmetic dental treatment makes it possible to fix a variety of different concerns. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much good a… Read more »

Undergo Dynamic Cosmetic Changes With Porcelain Veneers

What should you realistically expect out of a cosmetic dental treatment? If your smile is affected by several notable flaws, you may have allowed yourself to believe that cosmetic work will be more time-intensive, and offer modest benefits. However, many people are delighted by the significant changes made through the placement of porcelain veneers. With… Read more »