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Finding A Solution For Unflattering Teeth Crowding

Teeth that are too close together can look cramped, and uneven. This closeness can also lead to a situation where a tooth juts out and draws unwanted attention, or sinks back and almost appears to be missing when you smile. In addition to creating a situation where you are uncomfortable with your smile, this problem… Read more »

Dental Alignment Issues Can Affect More Than Your Smile

When you know someone who has gone through orthodontic treatment, you can expect to see a real difference in their smile once their procedure is completed. Because it can be so easy to recognize the cosmetic benefits of this work, some people can assume that the reason orthodontic work is recommended is to make esthetic… Read more »

Comfort and Convenience with Invisalign Clear Braces

Image-conscious teens and adults with crooked teeth sometimes have trouble accepting the idea of wearing braces to straighten their smiles. Although teeth misalignment can impact your confidence by diminishing your smile’s appeal, the conspicuousness of metal braces can make some patients hesitate to undergo orthodontic treatment. After all, if the goal is to improve your… Read more »

Who Invented Clear Braces? Rochester, MN Dentist Tells You

The beginnings of orthodontic treatment date back to the 1880s, however, the introduction of clear braces is relatively new. As more adults seek orthodontic treatment, clear braces continue to increase in popularity. Today, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, your Rochester, MN dentist discusses who invented clear braces with her patients. How Clear Braces Got Started Then first… Read more »

Rochester, MN Dentist Lists Some Disadvantages to Invisalign Braces

The most popular and convenient method to correcting a misaligned smile by undergoing orthodontic treatment. Yes, to this day, dental braces continue to prove popular—especially with many the differing varieties available to patients. One of those varieties—Invisalign clear braces—provides patients with the gift of invisibility. With Invisalign, patients can correct their teeth without having the… Read more »

Rochester, MN Dentist Shares Some Insights on Adult Braces

Correcting your teeth during adulthood has become more of a commonality in recent years. Patients who didn’t have a chance to wear braces as kids, can have the opportunity again as adults. Additionally, wearing adult braces doesn’t have to mean having to use the traditional metal variety. In fact, patients can choose from a number… Read more »