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How Flossing Affects Your Oral Hygiene

Your dentist can provide many important services to help you restore or maintain your oral health. To make the most of these efforts, you should keep up with a good routine to make sure your smile is protected between appointments. One action you should take is to floss each day. Taking the time to clean… Read more »

Set A Timer To See If You Spend Enough Time Brushing

There are several issues that can change a person’s risk for tooth decay. While you can feel confident in your smile care routine because you regularly brush and floss, the approach you take to these tasks can be important. Recognizing shortcomings in your routine, and making timely improvements, can help you avoid problems that might… Read more »

Are You Guilty Of These Oral Hygiene Mistakes?

The “little” mistakes you make when it comes to your oral health can lead to bigger consequences than you might realize. In a short amount of time, bacteria and other materials in your mouth can cause the formation of plaque; after a plaque deposit forms, it can harden to form tartar. When plaque and tartar… Read more »

Is Your Oral Health Routine Really Keeping Your Teeth Safe?

With the right oral care regimen, it is possible to keep your teeth, and your gums, safe from the kinds of dental problems, like tooth decay, people often face. With that said, there are people who confidently show up to their general dental appointments and discover – to their shock – that they need some… Read more »

The Right Habits Can Help You Address Plaque

Are you doing enough to effectively fight the gathering of plaque on your smile? Plaque forms when bacteria accumulate, and create a sticky film on your teeth. If a buildup of plaque is left in place, it can eventually form tartar, which can persist until you undergo a professional teeth cleaning. While tartar can require… Read more »

The Trouble With Foods That Stick To Our Teeth

What is your plan for fighting the formation of cavities? If your approach is only focused on cleaning your teeth, you may be at greater risk than you realize for oral health issues. Throughout the day, your teeth face varying degrees of risk from the foods you eat, and the beverages you drink. Sticky foods… Read more »

Are Implants Easier to Take Care Of than Dental Bridges?

Several factors go into choosing the right option for replacing lost teeth. Besides immediate concerns, like comfort, appearance, and functionality, you should also consider how easy or difficult it will be to take care of your new teeth in the long-term. One of the many benefits of dental implants is that they’re easier to take… Read more »

How To Keep Your Gums Healthy

Keeping your gums healthy is not only important for your teeth, it is important for your overall health. Research shows that gum disease can contribute to many other systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. It is usually not difficult to keep your gums healthy. Gum health can be maintained… Read more »

A Deeper Look at the Way Cavities Form

Cavity formation involves a process and multiple elements. Sugar is just one of those elements. The process of tooth decay would not be without Streptococcus mutans. These are gram positive, cocci shaped bacteria which feed on sugar and produce lactic acid. This mix of germs and lactic acid inside your mouth combines with food debris,… Read more »

Examining Your Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel is the hardest substance that your body produces and your teeth’s most important protector. It is also quite vulnerable and requires a disciplined routine to protect it. In this article, your Rochester family dentists, Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Heimer shed some light on your tooth enamel. What is Tooth Enamel? Enamel is… Read more »