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Is Enamel Erosion Changing Your Risk For Cavities?

Aging makes physical changes inevitable, but you can still make smart choices to slow the effects of time on your physical health. To keep your body in good health, you can focus on smart dieting, enjoying a healthy amount of rest each night, and exercising regularly. To keep your smile in good condition, make sure… Read more »

Why We Perform An Oral Cancer Screening At Every Appointment

Oral cancer can pose a severe risk to your health, and it needs to be treated with absolute seriousness when detected. You can significantly improve your chance of recovering successfully when the problem is detected at an early stage. Because early detection and treatment are so important when combating this disease, you are given a… Read more »

Oral-Systemic Health – Gum Disease and Respiratory Troubles

Left untreated, gum disease has serious consequences, not the least of which is the destruction of your gums and jawbone. In fact, the extensive damage of unchecked gum disease makes it the number one cause of adult tooth loss in the United States today. Nevertheless, tooth loss and the diminished confidence of a gapped smile… Read more »

Examining Your Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel is the hardest substance that your body produces and your teeth’s most important protector. It is also quite vulnerable and requires a disciplined routine to protect it. In this article, your Rochester family dentists, Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Heimer shed some light on your tooth enamel. What is Tooth Enamel? Enamel is… Read more »

How Long Does it Take for Soda to Damage Teeth?

Dentists have known, and have warned their patients, that soda and other highly-acidic drinks can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. While alarming in itself, researchers have now shown that acid-caused tooth erosion, which could last for life, can occur within the first 30 seconds of exposure. To protect your only set of permanent teeth… Read more »

Can Dieting Ruin Your Teeth?

Along with regular exercise, dieting is one of the most popular ways to lose weight and trim a few sizes. It’s so popular, in fact, that there are almost as many different diets as there are types of food. However, while it might help you shed a few pounds, dieting can ruin your teeth by… Read more »

What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

Not everyone will have to undergo root canal therapy in their lives, but if you do, then the prospect might seem daunting. All most people know about the procedure is that it involves accessing the interior of your tooth, which at first thought, might sound pretty uncomfortable. If you’ve never had one before, however, then… Read more »

How Does Your Dentist Spot Dental Diseases?

One of the most important aspects of keeping your smile as healthy and beautiful as can be is prevention, or at least quick action in the event that a dental disease does develop. Hence the need for regular dental checkups and cleanings in addition to practicing good hygiene at home. During your visits with your… Read more »

Going Through Cavity Formation

The phrase “dental cavity” is common enough that it often does not usually generate any sense of alarm. If it were referred to as a hole in your tooth that will steadily grow as your tooth structure dies, then you may be a bit more inclined to take note. Cavity formation begins without much fanfare,… Read more »

Is Teeth-Grinding a Habit or a Condition?

When you grind your teeth because you’re angry, nervous, or agitated, it isn’t much of an issue. When you do it consistently, it might be considered a habit. Sometimes, however, grinding your teeth might indicate one or more underlying dental conditions, such as TMJ disorder, severe malocclusion, or an asymmetrical jawbone, among many others. Whether… Read more »