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Are You Currently Experiencing Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

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Problems with your oral health can start to affect you, even if you do not feel that something is wrong. Fortunately, you can receive warnings about these problems – and learn how they can be treated – at your regular dental exams. One problem your dentist can warn you about is trouble with gingivitis. When… Read more »

Are You Leaving Yourself Vulnerable To Gum Disease?

Your efforts to protect your smile should keep you safe against dental decay, but your overall oral health is affected by more than just the presence or absence of cavities. If you want to maintain a smile that is healthy and attractive, you need to watch out for problems with gum disease as well as… Read more »

Is Your Daily Routine Protecting You Against Gingivitis?

A daily oral hygiene routine should do more than just stop cavities! Whenever you brush and floss your teeth, you fight bacteria buildup that can cause gingivitis. This is a common problem, however it is one that can worsen in time and become difficult to treat! You can recognize signs of gingivitis by examining your… Read more »

Better Periodontal Care Can Prevent Gum Line Recession

What oral health issues should you watch out for if you want to preserve a confident, attractive smile? You should take care to avoid issues with teeth stains that can dull your smile, and you should be careful about habits like teeth grinding that wear down your enamel. With that said, some problems that affect… Read more »

How Flossing Helps You Keep Your Gums Healthy

An effective smile care regimen is one that is focused on more than just stopping the formation of cavities. This is not to say that cavity prevention is unimportant – you should make a dedicated effort to prevent issues with decay. You should also be working to make sure that your smile remains safe against… Read more »

Make Sure You Take The Threat Of Gum Disease Seriously

If you want to keep your smile as healthy as possible, watch out for more than just evidence of cavities. Problems with your periodontal health can have more consequences than you realize. If an infection is not treated in time, your condition can lead to tooth loss, and it can be difficult to properly manage… Read more »

Periodontal Problems Can Lead To Dental Sensitivity

Have you started to feel concern over your smile because of dental sensitivity? Even if you do not feel outright pain, problems with sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking uncomfortable, particularly when you try to enjoy hotter or colder products. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can work with you on finding the… Read more »

Are Your Gums Healthy? Watch For Symptoms Of Gingivitis

Cavities are a big concern if you want to maintain a healthy smile, but remember that decay is not the only problem that can affect your oral health. You also need to be concerned with the potential effect that gum disease can have on your well-being. While a problem with gingivitis can be resolved through… Read more »

Gingivitis Is Not A Problem That You Should Take Lightly

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How much concern should signs of gingivitis really cause? If you think you have problems with gum disease, and you do not respond in time, know that the condition can grow more advanced in time. When this occurs, it becomes more difficult to address, and it raises your likelihood of losing teeth! Our Rochester, MN… Read more »

Tips For Making Sure Your Gums Stay Healthy

When you take time out of your day to clean your smile, do you think about how you can protect your gums? While many people recognize that brushing and flossing help them avoid cavities, it should be noted that these practices also help you avoid issues with gingivitis. Protection against periodontal problems is important. When… Read more »