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Oral Health Mistakes To Avoid

Are you doing all that you should to protect your smile from problems like dental decay and gum disease? The right approach to preventive care should include both professional preventive services and thorough care at home to keep your teeth clean. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can provide guidance to help you look… Read more »

Take On Concerns About Dental Sensitivity

If you start to notice how your teeth have become sensitive to sweeter foods and drinks, or to hot and cold items, you can understandably question if this is a sign of poor oral health. Whether this is a general issue or a concern about a particular tooth, you should take the matter seriously. Different… Read more »

Are You Protected Against Tartar?

Is the accumulation of tartar on your smile a serious concern? While this problem may not call for restorative dental work, it does make you more vulnerable to the problems that will demand treatment from your dentist. It is also a concern for your periodontal health, and visible deposits can have a negative effect on… Read more »

Dental Visits Help Keep Your Gums Healthy

Have you been overlooking an important part of your oral health? If you are not taking time to look for signs of poor gum health, you can miss the warning signs of a problem that can eventually turn into a serious threat. The good news is that your Rochester, MN dentist can provide welcome care… Read more »

Leave Oral Hygiene Mistakes In 2021!

How effective are your current efforts to protect your smile? Did you spend part of 2021 in the dentist’s chair to deal with a cavity, concerns about gum disease, or another oral health issue? Whether you spent the year with a healthy smile or experienced problems, you can benefit from a review of your current… Read more »

Holiday Activities And Your Oral Health

When the end of the year approaches, families can find themselves gathering for many different kinds of special seasonal events. Properly celebrating the holidays can often call for some travel, leading to more changes in your routine. While these activities can be fun for many reasons, this can be a time where it is more… Read more »

Issues That Negatively Affect Gum Health

If you want to protect yourself against problems that can impact your smile, make sure that you are taking care of your gums. Properly managing your periodontal health will help you avoid many issues over time, including problems with tooth loss, but you should remember that you are not the only person who can help… Read more »

Thanksgiving Smile Care Tips

If you want to have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving, think about how your choices around the holiday might affect you after it ends. One thing to be mindful of is how traveling and special seasonal dishes might affect your oral health. Without realizing it, your plans around this time of year can actually raise your… Read more »

How We Support Cavity Prevention

There are many reasons why you should make a habit of seeing your dentist for preventive care. While it may be obvious that these visits are recommended in part to help with cavity prevention, this is not something that should be overlooked. After all, keeping your smile safe from dental decay will help you avoid… Read more »

Schedule Dental Work Before The Year Ends

The year is less than two months away from ending, but that still leaves you time to use your remaining dental benefits and schedule treatment. Using those benefits to consistently schedule treatment will help you avoid trouble with cavities and gum disease, and it will lead to welcome early warnings about problems that do arise…. Read more »