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Not Flossing On A Daily Basis? This Is Why You Should

You can be glad to have floss available after a kernel of popcorn or a piece of lettuce finds itself wedged between your teeth. Having floss around to safely and comfortably remove products that are lodged between teeth is important, but it should not be the only time you pick up a string! Flossing should… Read more »

The Link Between Dental Hygiene And Your Health

Dental hygiene obviously plays a role in protecting you against tooth decay, and it can help you stay on top of your periodontal health as well. What might surprise you is how your oral health can actually help you manage your overall well-being! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we provide ongoing preventive dental services… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth By Limiting Your Intake Of These Drinks

If you want to protect your smile during the day, you may want to consider reaching for a glass of water. Drinking more water can help you remain hydrated, which helps your body naturally protect your teeth by producing saliva. You also help yourself by choosing this beverage in the place of other drink options,… Read more »

Parents And Kids Can Benefit From These Oral Health Tips

While you (hopefully) care about the health and appearance of your smile, you also have to worry over the oral health of your kids. Once children are old enough to start taking care of brushing and flossing themselves, parents can feel concern over the possibility that they are not doing enough to protect themselves against… Read more »

Finding The Right Dental Practice For Your Whole Family

Your child’s needs change drastically over the years, but they – like you – benefit from proper oral health care. At any age, cavities and gum disease can pose a problem for an individual. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can provide important services to patients of all ages to help them keep their… Read more »

Has It Been Too Long Since Your Last Dental Exam?

Are you letting too much time pass between your visits to your dentist’s office? Unless you are told otherwise by your dentist, you should arrange appointments at six month intervals to stay informed about the condition of your overall oral health. By remaining consistent with this schedule, you can receive regular teeth cleanings that protect… Read more »

We Provide Thorough Dental Care For Patients Of All Ages

As a person ages, what they need from their dentist can change. Adults can enjoy consistent preventive care because it can help them stay on track for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Gradual changes in your enamel over time may make you more susceptible to decay, but oral health support can make it easier to… Read more »

Dental Visits Can Keep Your Smile Healthy Through 2020

What steps should you take to make sure you make the most of the new year? One thing you should certainly do is think about how you can stay in good health for 2020, and beyond, by making sure your smile is enjoying proper support. At our Rochester, MN dental office, we are ready to… Read more »

We Can Help You Find Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Smile

At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are ready to provide important preventive dental care when patients visit us for their routine checkups. During your time in the dentist’s chair, you can receive important services like a professional dental cleaning, and a thorough visual check for any oral health concerns. While the care you receive… Read more »

Your Normal Breakfast Routine May Be Hurting Your Smile

Your morning routine prepares you for the day ahead. This period of time allows you a few moments to reflect on your responsibilities, enjoy breakfast, and clean your teeth. For early risers and deep sleepers alike, it is important to carve out enough time to brush thoroughly, as the work you put into caring for… Read more »