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3 Tips To Help Protect Your Smile During The Holidays

Even if you commit to keeping your plans for the holidays modest, you can be absolutely charmed by this time of year. Festive decorations, gift exchanges, and tasty seasonal treats can be hard to resist, though in the case of the treats it can be a bad idea to indulge too freely. A number of… Read more »

Has Your Halloween Fun Hurt Your Smile?

Even modest plans on Halloween can leave people with an unusual amount of candy within reach. If you are not careful, you can unintentionally overindulge with those treats and raise your risk for tooth decay! You can also have the misfortune of chipping or cracking a tooth after biting down on candy with a harder… Read more »

How Our Practice Helps Patients In Different Age Groups

While everyone in your family benefits from maintaining healthy teeth, a person’s age can change what kind of care they might require. For children, regular dental exams can call for lessons on good oral hygiene, and even demonstrations on brushing and flossing, in addition to conventional support. For adults, visits can include time to talk… Read more »

Take Care When Removing Food Wedged Between Teeth

Usually, a piece of food wedged between teeth can be easily removed with dental floss. While you should have floss on hand for daily care, not just for moments like this, it can be a relief to have it on hand when you feel something stuck in place. So what should you do if floss… Read more »

Don’t Let Dehydration Make Trouble For Your Smile

fighting dehydration with water

There are certain common mistakes that people tend to make before they start to experience problems with their oral health. You may be less than surprised to encounter someone who develops a cavity when they cut back on brushing and flossing, or when someone starts to struggle with their dental health after skipping their routine… Read more »

Find An All-Ages Dental Office To Support Your Family

child in dentist's chair

While you want to make sure everyone in your family has a healthy smile, you may be aware of how you might have somewhat different needs as individuals. The difference in oral health needs between parents and children can be particularly important to acknowledge, particularly if you want to make sure your kids are truly… Read more »

Not Flossing On A Daily Basis? This Is Why You Should

You can be glad to have floss available after a kernel of popcorn or a piece of lettuce finds itself wedged between your teeth. Having floss around to safely and comfortably remove products that are lodged between teeth is important, but it should not be the only time you pick up a string! Flossing should… Read more »

The Link Between Dental Hygiene And Your Health

Dental hygiene obviously plays a role in protecting you against tooth decay, and it can help you stay on top of your periodontal health as well. What might surprise you is how your oral health can actually help you manage your overall well-being! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we provide ongoing preventive dental services… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth By Limiting Your Intake Of These Drinks

If you want to protect your smile during the day, you may want to consider reaching for a glass of water. Drinking more water can help you remain hydrated, which helps your body naturally protect your teeth by producing saliva. You also help yourself by choosing this beverage in the place of other drink options,… Read more »

Parents And Kids Can Benefit From These Oral Health Tips

While you (hopefully) care about the health and appearance of your smile, you also have to worry over the oral health of your kids. Once children are old enough to start taking care of brushing and flossing themselves, parents can feel concern over the possibility that they are not doing enough to protect themselves against… Read more »