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Don’t Let Dehydration Make Trouble For Your Smile

fighting dehydration with water

There are certain common mistakes that people tend to make before they start to experience problems with their oral health. You may be less than surprised to encounter someone who develops a cavity when they cut back on brushing and flossing, or when someone starts to struggle with their dental health after skipping their routine… Read more »

Healthy Food Options from Your Rochester Dentist

There may still be snow on the ground, but people everywhere are working hard to get in shape for summer. The majority of New Year’s resolutions deal with some form of weight loss. A good diet is a main factor in losing weight and keeping it off, but proper nutrition also protects your teeth. Your… Read more »

Dr. Calcagno Explains Oral Rinses

Although mouthwash has evolved into something of a catchall term, not every bottle of liquid in the oral health aisle is for killing germs in your mouth. Read on as Dr. Gilly Calcagno explains the different types of oral rinses. Mouthwash A basic mouthwash is an anti-bacterial liquid whose main ingredient is usually an oral… Read more »

Rochester Dentist Provides Tips on Protecting Tooth Enamel

Protecting the enamel of your teeth is essential for maintaining your oral health. The enamel, or hard outer layer of the tooth, protects teeth against cavity-causing bacteria, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and daily wear from chewing. There are many different causes of enamel loss. The acidic nature of certain beverages and foods, as well as… Read more »

Rochester Dentist Discusses Dry Mouth

Saliva is such a common part of everyday life, most take the clear, watery liquid in their mouth for granted. Some do not have this luxury because they cannot produce as much saliva as is normal. This is a condition called dry mouth, or xerostomia, and it has serious implications for your oral health. There… Read more »