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Bothered By A Cold Sore? We Can Help!

Is a cold sore really an area of concern for your dentist? If you have one, you can find that it is difficult to ignore, and it can be a source of serious discomfort. Until it subsides, it can make you wish you could keep your smile completely out of view! Fortunately, it is something… Read more »

Solving Problems Sooner, Thanks To Better Imaging Technology

Brushing and flossing regularly, along with limiting your sugar, can help you feel confident that your smile is in good health. You can also feel confident because you do not have any current issues with dental discomfort. Does this mean you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your oral health? Unfortunately, you… Read more »

Technology Makes Close Oral Health Reviews Possible

Is it really possible for you to not realize when a cavity forms on your tooth? While a cavity can lead to persistent pain and sensitivity, you may reach the point where you need restorative dental work before realizing that something is wrong. Fortunately, your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can use advanced imaging technology to… Read more »

How Technology Helps Us Carefully Study Your Smile

You can look forward to receiving care from experienced, dedicated professionals when you visit your Rochester, MN dentist’s office for routine dental care. With the use of advanced imaging technology, your dentist can make sure you enjoy the benefits of a remarkably thorough inspection of your teeth. Our practice relies on digital x-rays and intraoral… Read more »

Using Technology To Carefully Study Your Smile

Advancements in the field of dentistry have made it possible to identify issues sooner, and provide treatment with restorations that can effectively blend in with your smile. When patients think about how dental technology affects them, they may focus on how these changes can benefit the way they look, or how they can enjoy a… Read more »

Examining The State Of Your Oral Health With Digital X-Rays

When you can have a dental health problem caught, and treated, in its early stages of development, you can limit the overall damage of your tooth. This prompt intervention also means a less invasive restorative dental procedure. If you want to make sure your problems are caught in their early stages, schedule regular dental care…. Read more »

Making The Comfort Of Our Patients A Priority

When it comes to providing a comfortable experience, different patients can require different levels of service. In some cases, a patient who normally feels at ease in the dentist’s chair may worry about upcoming restorative dental work. In other instances, a person’s levels of dental anxiety may make routine services difficult to endure. Our practice… Read more »

A Look at Modern Dental Technology

In addition to routine examinations and regularly-scheduled cleanings, your dental needs may occasionally include repairing one or damaged teeth, treating tooth infection and/or gum disease, or enhancing your smile’s overall appearance. Modern dental technology allows us to perform most procedures in a single visit, and with improved precision, efficiency, and more cosmetically-pleasing results. Digital X-Rays… Read more »