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Better Periodontal Care Can Prevent Gum Line Recession

What oral health issues should you watch out for if you want to preserve a confident, attractive smile? You should take care to avoid issues with teeth stains that can dull your smile, and you should be careful about habits like teeth grinding that wear down your enamel. With that said, some problems that affect… Read more »

How Pediatric Dental Care Encourages Good Oral Hygiene

Dental visits can help patients at any age, but the approach to care can change for younger patients. During pediatric dental appointments, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office focuses on more than just the kind of routine cleanings and evaluations that adult patients enjoy during their visits. With kids, we can include efforts to help them… Read more »

Can You Protect Your Smile By Cutting Caffeine?

Consistent oral hygiene and regular trips for routine dental checkups are important, but the benefits of both can be negatively affected if you maintain a poor diet. One thing to consider is the potential impact that your caffeine consumption is having on your smile. Many drinks feature some caffeine, and you may rely on more… Read more »

The Impact Of Your Oral Health On Your Well-Being

Can the care you put into maintaining a healthy smile really affect your overall health? By preventing issues with your dental and periodontal health, you can protect yourself against complications from tooth decay or gum disease that end up hurting your general well-being. Poor periodontal health can lead to further problems when bacteria gathering beneath… Read more »

Can Your Stress Issues Become A Smile Concern?

stressed young woman

When you often have to manage high stress levels, you may struggle with different negative effects on your mood, or even on your physical well-being. One thing you should not ignore is the potential impact of stress on your dental health. The impact of stress can affect people in different ways. Some individuals will begin… Read more »

When Is The Right Time To Replace A Toothbrush?

Do you remember when you first began to use the toothbrush that is currently sitting by your sink? Do the bristles look as crisp and straight today as they did at that point? Any tool can start to wear down over time, making it less effective at its intended purpose. Unfortunately, a toothbrush that wears… Read more »

The Wrong Snacks Can Cause Problems For Your Dental Health

examples of healthier snacks

Daily choices may seem small on their own, but when they are part of a larger pattern they can have surprising influence on your oral health. If you are trying to protect yourself against tooth decay, you should be smart about your snacking decisions, as the foods you enjoy between meals can expose you to… Read more »

Smart Adjustments To Your Oral Hygiene Routine

man taking care of his teeth by brushing

Should you stick with the same oral care routine until your dentist identifies a problem with your smile? The right approach to dental hygiene can be important for your long-term well-being. In fact, you can actually protect your general health by effectively caring for your smile. One thing to be aware of is that changes… Read more »

Maintain A Morning Routine That Protects Your Smile

No matter how busy or calm your morning is, part of your routine at the start of your day should be focused on smile care. Throughout the night, oral bacteria can have an easier time multiplying because your body will produce less saliva while you sleep. This can lead to more than just embarrassing bouts… Read more »

Fight Oral Bacteria With Better Brushing And Flossing

How much good is your current oral care routine doing for you? If you have not had a cavity in the recent past, you can feel a degree of confidence in your commitment to oral hygiene. However, if you have had to undergo restorative dental work, you may rightly worry about the possibility of a… Read more »