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The Right Oral Hygiene Efforts

What does it mean to keep up with the “right” oral hygiene efforts? Simply put, you should give yourself time each day to effectively protect yourself against problems like tooth decay and gum disease. However, it can be difficult to feel truly confident in your routine after you experience problems with your oral health. Fortunately,… Read more »

Has Your Smile Care Routine Changed?

You may not realize it, but seemingly small changes in your smile care routine can have a big impact on your risk for oral health issues. You may have unknowingly left yourself at greater risk for tartar buildup because your daily hygiene efforts have become less effective. If you are no longer consistent about seeing… Read more »

Dental Cleanings And Oral Hygiene

Is your current daily routine thorough enough to keep your smile in good health? Are you effectively defending yourself against plaque and tartar buildup, and are the threats of dental decay and gum disease being properly managed? You should have a smile care routine that makes you confident. With that said, you should also be… Read more »

We Offer Laser Treatment For Cold Sores

Is a cold sore really an issue that your dentist can help you address? The idea of treatment for this issue, one that can deliver fast results and relief from this problem, can certainly be welcome. A cold sore is a conspicuous problem, one that can cause embarrassment as well as physical discomfort. Our Rochester,… Read more »

Is Flossing A Daily Habit For You?

You may reach for your floss when you feel a piece of food wedged between your teeth, but do you also reach for it when it is time for you to follow your daily hygiene routine? This action is an important part of preventive dental care, as it helps you effectively clean spaces that are… Read more »

Did You Fall Behind On Routine Dental Care?

Routine dental services are important, even when you feel confident that nothing is wrong with your smile. Why should you see your dentist for an appointment when you are sure you have nothing to worry about? Preventive care does more than just identify problems – at your appointment, you will also receive a beneficial teeth… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Care For Your Household

Parents and kids can have many different concerns on a typical day, but when it comes to dental health, you may be surprised at how much you and your kids have in common. People of all ages need to maintain good oral hygiene on a daily basis if they hope to stay protected against problems… Read more »

Have You Been Consistent About Dental Exams This Year?

The end of the year is close, but there are still a few weeks left to take care of different matters that might be on your to-do list. If you have not kept up with your routine dental exams, there is still time to see your Rochester, MN dentist about preventive care. At your appointment,… Read more »

Can Popular Thanksgiving Foods Hurt Your Oral Health?

Are you concerned that your favorite Thanksgiving foods are putting you at risk for cavities? Even casual observers of Thanksgiving can make room at their dinner table for a few seasonal staples. If you want to know how much trouble the holiday might cause for your oral health, think about how much sugar and starchy… Read more »

Better Periodontal Care Can Prevent Gum Line Recession

What oral health issues should you watch out for if you want to preserve a confident, attractive smile? You should take care to avoid issues with teeth stains that can dull your smile, and you should be careful about habits like teeth grinding that wear down your enamel. With that said, some problems that affect… Read more »