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Same-Day Crowns Can Make Dental Work More Convenient

It can be difficult to think about any oral health problem that demands treatment as “convenient,” but some approaches to care can be less demanding than others. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, a patient who requires a restoration for an injured or cavity-affected tooth can have work done in less time than they anticipate…. Read more »

Our Dental Crowns Can Make Improvements To Your Smile

There are circumstances where a dental crown is required in order to save an injured or unhealthy tooth. This restoration can be counted on to provide functional support, and keep you safe against an infection of your vulnerable tooth. Because crowns are so often used in restorative dentistry, you may be surprised to hear that… Read more »

We Can Create Your Custom Crown In Our Office

While a third party dental lab can create a lifelike dental crown, the process of having a lab construct and ship your dental restoration can delay the process of completing a procedure to protect your tooth. Because our Rochester, MN dentist’s office has CEREC technology, we can actually cut out this delay by producing your… Read more »

Is It Really Possible To Receive A One-Visit Crown?

Third party dental labs are often required to produce dental restorations. This can lead to a delay in your dental work, meaning you are stuck waiting for a needed dental crown. If you require care for a tooth, you should know that your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is able to provide crowns in just one… Read more »

A Crown Can Offer Your Tooth Long-Term Protection

Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you fully restore a tooth by providing you with a modern dental crown. In some cases, patients need a crown because they need to take care of an injury, or a larger cavity than a dental filling can address. In some cases, a dental crown can be recommended… Read more »

Do I Need Veneers Or A Crown?

While both veneers and crowns can enhance your smile, they’re typically used for different reasons. They have other similarities – like their material, porcelain – but ultimately, dental crowns are used to restore tooth structure while veneers are used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a smile. The way a crown is placed is very… Read more »

What Do You Know About Single Day Crowns?

From cracks or fractures to large cavities, dental crowns have been used to restore weakened teeth for centuries. However, the procedure has been altered and perfect over the course of those years – and now, technology has advanced it more than ever. Traditionally, dental crowns have been placed in two separate appointments – but now,… Read more »

Did You Break A Tooth?

Any type of physical damage that occurs to your teeth can cause you to feel somewhat panicked. After all, there’s nothing you can do on your own to repair missing tooth tissue, even minor damage can feel quite unsightly, and serious damage can lead to significant discomfort. Fortunately, rather than feeling overwhelmed if you break… Read more »

FAQs About One-Visit Restorations

When you have a tooth that requires repair, whether as a result of tooth decay or an accident, do you dread the thought of multiple visits and procedures? We understand that our patients already have plenty on their plate. With advanced dental technology, we can now provide one-visit restorations using the innovative CEREC system.

Can I Receive Same Day Crowns?

Repairing and improving your teeth may be important, but that doesn’t make finding the time for multiple dental visits any easier. As part of our dedication to providing high-quality dental care to all of our patients, we offer same day dental crowns using the highly-advanced CEREC dental restoration system. If you need a dental crown,… Read more »