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Can Good Oral Hygiene Prevent Dental Discoloration?

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By preventing the buildup of teeth stains, you can have an easier time remaining confident in your smile. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid all products that potentially cause stains. Many foods and beverages that we enjoy are able to leave particles that stain enamel, which can lead to a person’s smile appearing discolored… Read more »

Can Cosmetic Bonding Effectively Restore An Injured Tooth?

After years of feeling confident in your lovely, healthy smile, one tooth injury can take away your comfort with your appearance. If you have a tooth that is visibly chipped or cracked, it can interfere with your smile symmetry, and it may cause people to make assumptions about you and your oral health that make… Read more »

Conservative Cosmetic Work Can Lead To Exciting Results

If a smile treatment is going to make a big change to your appearance, you might assume that it will require significant changes to your tooth structure. You should know that a cosmetic dental procedure can be surprisingly conservative, even as it lead to dramatic smile improvements. With this in mind, don’t let your fears… Read more »

We Can Provide Different Solutions For Teeth Stains

Why does it seem like your teeth are steadily becoming duller or more discolored? Even with a good daily oral care routine in place, you may find that it is hard to stop stains from worsening because many of the products we enjoy leave particles on our teeth that affect their color. Those particles that… Read more »

Find Out How Your Smile Can Be Improved With Veneers

Is cosmetic dentistry able to take on the particular problems that you have with your smile? At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we provide several procedures that can help people feel more comfortable with the way they look. We have restored smiles affected by frustrating discoloration, wear and tear, and even naturally occurring problems that… Read more »

Discuss Treatment Options For Teeth That Look Worn

While some people have teeth that naturally appear misshapen, others will develop problems over time because of wear and tear. While our teeth are protected by remarkably strong enamel, they have a difficult job to do. Years of biting and chewing can start to take a toll and leave certain teeth looking worn down, flat,… Read more »

How Much Time Will It Take To Restore My Injured Tooth?

Even if a tooth injury is not serious enough to threaten your tooth’s health, it can still be an unsightly problem for your smile. A visible chipped or cracked tooth can be embarrassing, and certainly something you might like to address as soon as possible. Your Rochester, MN dentist is able to restore the shape… Read more »

3 Reasons Dental Discoloration Can Be Hard To Address

If you continue to see dental discoloration as a concern, even after attempting to brighten teeth with store-bought whitening agents, you may want to bring the matter up with your dentist. Problems with teeth stains can be frustrating for several reasons. It can be hard to completely avoid products that leave stains behind, and it… Read more »

Schedule A Time To Discuss Your Interest In Cosmetic Work

Are you excited by the potential for cosmetic dental work to change the way you look? Are you eager to start showing off teeth that look straighter, brighter, and healthier? Excitement over cosmetic dental work can be understandable, but it may be hard for you to feel comfortable moving forward without more information regarding your… Read more »

Address Poor Teeth Spacing With Cosmetic Treatment

If your smile is not properly aligned, issues with your teeth spacing can be hard for you to ignore. This can make you unhappy with the way you look, as you can worry that gaps present between your teeth might attract unwanted attention. It can also lead to a larger issue with your smile appearing… Read more »