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How Pediatric Dental Care Encourages Good Oral Hygiene

Dental visits can help patients at any age, but the approach to care can change for younger patients. During pediatric dental appointments, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office focuses on more than just the kind of routine cleanings and evaluations that adult patients enjoy during their visits. With kids, we can include efforts to help them… Read more »

Supporting Your Kids As They Learn To Care For Their Teeth

Kids benefit from encouragement and support in creative efforts, in school, and even in everyday tasks. As they begin to brush and floss their teeth without your direct assistance, your support can still have real value. With the right guidance, they can develop good habits that they continue to follow into adulthood, ensuring that they… Read more »

Find An All-Ages Dental Office To Support Your Family

child in dentist's chair

While you want to make sure everyone in your family has a healthy smile, you may be aware of how you might have somewhat different needs as individuals. The difference in oral health needs between parents and children can be particularly important to acknowledge, particularly if you want to make sure your kids are truly… Read more »

Lowering Your Child’s Risk For Cavities

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You want your child to stay healthy and happy into adulthood and beyond. As part of your commitment to your well-being, you should have a plan in place for keeping their teeth safe from potential cavities and problems with gum disease. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help you make sure your kids… Read more »

When Should Kids Begin Brushing Their Teeth On Their Own?

The more your child grows, and the more they learn, the more prepared they are to take on different responsibilities and skills. While you should not rush them into it, they will reach a point where they are ready to start brushing and flossing their own teeth. At this point, your role in protecting their… Read more »

Help Your Household Maintain Better Oral Health Habits

If you are a parent, then your oral hygiene concerns extend to more than just your own smile. Before they ever understand the importance of good dental health, kids need protection against tooth decay. Even as they start taking care of their teeth by brushing and flossing on their own, you should provide guidance to… Read more »

How Safe Are Your Kids Against Tooth Decay?

Taking care of kids, and teaching them to take care of themselves, can keep parents busy. Fortunately, as time passes children can pick up on important skills that help them grow up in good health, making them less vulnerable to problems. Once a child’s teeth begin to arrive, there is a potential risk for tooth… Read more »

Encouraging Kids To Take Better Care Of Their Teeth

Your kids have so much to learn, but your support can help them grow and develop a better understanding of their world and their responsibilities. One thing your kids need to develop is a good grasp on proper oral hygiene. Without it, they can be vulnerable to cavities and gum disease that affect their well-being,… Read more »

Find Out About Our New Children’s Patient Special

This month is National Children’s Dental Health month, which makes it a good time to think about what it can take to effectively protect your child’s smile from oral health issues. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are prepared to help our youngest patients in several important ways. In addition to providing kids with… Read more »

February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

The month of February offers up several holidays for the public to celebrate. You should know that in addition to days like Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and Groundhog Day, this is also the time to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month! While it is always important to take dental health care seriously, this is a… Read more »