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When A Family Member Needs Dental Work

As a parent, you have more than just your own smile to worry about, as your kids will need your support in several ways. This is especially true when they are little, as you will be responsible for directly brushing and flossing their teeth. Even as they grow older, you need to make sure that… Read more »

Booking Checkups For Family Members

When you have kids, you have more than just your own smile to keep safe from cavities and gum disease. When you look into scheduling dental services for the youngest members of your household, you may assume that you have to find a practice that specializes in pediatric services. What you should know is that… Read more »

What Is Your Child’s Cavity Risk?

Everyone who has teeth should be worried about cavities. Adults can feel confident in their ability to defend themselves against decay, but kids need time to grow comfortable with preventive care. They can also use some help understanding just how harmful cavities are, and why they should be avoided. In addition to helping them at… Read more »

Booking Pediatric Visits In The Summer

The summer months can be a great time to enjoy a vacation, or a time to explore your own surroundings with the family. Because it is a time when you no longer have to worry about your kids missing school, it can also be ideal for pediatric dental exams! Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office provides… Read more »

Scheduling Dental Care For Your Family

Scheduling dental care for everyone in your family becomes easier when you find one location ready to help all of you. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are ready to work with patients of all ages to provide a range of important services. We are able to support full households because we are ready… Read more »

Starting Pediatric Dental Exams

child at the dentist

You and your child can – and should – have different experiences during a routine dental visit. While adults tend to have a clear understanding of what good oral hygiene involves, and why they should take care to prevent cavities, kids still have much to learn about dental health. Kids also need additional support for… Read more »

Bringing Kids For Their Regular Dental Exams

How long has it been since your child last met with their dentist? When kids have access to consistent oral health care, they receive important early help in learning how to maintain their healthy smile. They also receive extra protection against tooth decay, and are more likely to grow comfortable with future services! Our Rochester,… Read more »

How Our Practice Makes Care Available To People Of All Ages

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While there are common threats that people have to worry about when it comes to their oral health, patients should feel that their individual needs are recognized and met at appointments with their dentist. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we take care to provide personalized support to all of our patients, including our youngest… Read more »

Making Preventive Dental Care A Priority For Your Family

family at the dental office

Is everyone in your household keeping their teeth in good health? In many ways, parents and kids can have different needs when it comes to their oral health. This is largely because in addition to protecting their smiles, kids need to learn the steps and the value of good habits. While parents tend to be… Read more »

Parents And Kids Can Count On Our Oral Health Care

Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is proud to make time for patients of all ages, which means we can take care of every member of your household! At any age, your smile health is important. After all, a person is vulnerable to dental decay as soon as their teeth begin to arrive. For younger patients… Read more »