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Using A Same-Day Crown To Restore A Chipped Tooth

When your tooth is chipped, you can be bothered by more than just pain. Visible signs of dental damage can be a big problem for your appearance, which can motivate you to have the appropriate restorative dental work completed as promptly as possible. Many physical injuries will require the placement of dental crowns. At other… Read more »

Can A Crown Really Improve A Tooth’s Appearance?

Developing a custom dental crown means crafting a restoration that will fit comfortably once it has been placed. It also means providing you with protection for a vulnerable tooth that will help you with biting and chewing functions. What you might not expect is that a properly made crown from our Rochester, MN dental practice… Read more »

Using A Dental Crown To Improve Your Appearance

There are important oral health functions that a dental crown can serve. For a vulnerable tooth, the placement of a crown ensures protection, and functional support. What you might not realize is that a modern crown can serve these roles, while also taking care of the way you look! Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is… Read more »

Restoring A Damaged Tooth To Improve Your Smile

Even if a chip or a crack in your tooth does not threaten your oral health, it can be a big issue for you. Dental damage can lead to a permanent change in your appearance, as your enamel has a limited ability to recover from harm. You can have your damaged tooth reviewed at your… Read more »

Providing One-Visit Crowns For Our Patients

You deserve a dentist who takes your smile needs seriously, especially when it comes to the treatment of oral health problems. An issue that makes the placement of a dental crown necessary can leave your tooth in a vulnerable state. Crowns are required for significant cavities, including those cavities that cause internal tooth problems, as… Read more »

Why CEREC Dental Crowns Benefit Our Patients

How do patients benefit from receiving CEREC dental crowns, as opposed to traditional restorations? One big advantage to CEREC crowns has to do with their availability after just one appointment. In the past, patients would have to rely on a temporary crown while they waited for one that could offer long-lasting support. These short-term restorations… Read more »

How Dental Crowns Protect A Broken Tooth

Dental crowns help patients who undergo cavity treatment, but they have other applications. In some cases, patients who need to replace a lost tooth will have a porcelain crown placed on a dental implant, which can effectively make a person’s smile complete again. Patients who suffer dental damage after an injury can also benefit from… Read more »

How Long Will It Take To Have My Crown Placed?

No one wants to undergo restorative dental work, but if you need this care, you presumably want it completed as soon as possible. With only the conventional resources at their disposal, many dentists will require that you schedule two appointments when you need a dental crown. The first appointment will see them prepare your tooth,… Read more »

FAQs About Ceramic Crowns

Most people know what a dental crown is, or at least have a good idea. Even if they’ve never had one placed, crowns are common enough that nearly everyone knows someone who has had one placed. Still, not everyone knows how far the dental restorations have progressed over the years. Unlike older versions of dental… Read more »

Can You Fix a Broken Tooth?

Have you chipped a tooth? Can you fix a broken tooth? Fortunately, our teeth can be repaired with a number of restorative and cosmetic treatments. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we can ensure your tooth once again becomes whole and beautiful. Find out what need to know about restoring damaged teeth.