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Avoiding Bad Habits That Increase Your Cavity Risk

Your Rochester, MN dentist provides dedicated care every time you come in for a routine appointment. In between those visits, seemingly minor choices can have a big impact on your oral health. Sometimes, people fail to realize what they are really putting their teeth through. You can increase your cavity risk because you tend to… Read more »

Quiz: What To Expect After Undergoing A Cavity Treatment

When you go in to see your dentist for a cavity treatment, you can expect dedicated care, and you can look forward to treatment with modern materials. Your dentist will safely remove all signs of an infection from your tooth, and will then provide you with an advanced, life-like restoration capable of offering reliable protection…. Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Catch a Cavity?

These days, treating cavities is fairly simple. Thanks to modern dental materials and techniques, most of them can be effectively treated with discreet, tooth-colored fillings. However, the damage that cavities cause to your teeth is permanent; therefore, preventing them is the best way to protect your smile. If a cavity does form, then detecting and… Read more »

Only You Can Prevent Cavities

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that cavities and the disease that causes them are largely preventable. Nevertheless, over 90% of adults in America have been affected by cavities in at least one permanent tooth. If you’re among that percentage, but believe that you take excellent care of your dental health, then you may… Read more »

What Are The Warning Signs Of Tooth Decay?

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, over 90% of adults (from age 20 to 64) experience at least one cavity in their lifetime. However, cavities (and tooth decay, for that matter) are completely preventable so long as you’re practicing preventive dentistry. If tooth decay begins to develop, the best thing you… Read more »

5 Ways To Avoid Cavities

Tooth decay is far more common than you probably think – in many cases, it can be reversed, especially when caught early enough. However, if left untreated, it can wear away at your tooth enamel (the tough outer layer of your tooth) and begin to form cavities (holes) in the soft layer beneath it. In… Read more »

How Do I Know I Have A Cavity?

Ouch! Where did that toothache come from? Even if your tooth looks normal to you, a sudden toothache could be a warning sign that tooth decay is beginning to infect your tooth. Unfortunately, cavities affect more than 90% of adults (ages 20-64) – but, they’re preventable and repairable – especially when caught early enough. You… Read more »

How Does The Doctor Detect Cavities?

Only about 1-2% of the population is immune to dental caries. This means that there is a good chance you will develop a cavity at some point in your life. How does the doctor detect cavities? With the right tools the doctor can identify a problem in the earliest stages, improving the health of your… Read more »

Comprehensive Cavity Detection

The only thing better than preventing a cavity from forming at all is finding it just as it begins to develop. Consider the facts. If we find a cavity well into its progression, you will definitely require a filling. However, what if we could detect the initial formation of tooth decay? Fortunately, we offer comprehensive… Read more »

What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

Not everyone will have to undergo root canal therapy in their lives, but if you do, then the prospect might seem daunting. All most people know about the procedure is that it involves accessing the interior of your tooth, which at first thought, might sound pretty uncomfortable. If you’ve never had one before, however, then… Read more »