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Will People Be Able To Notice My Bonded Filling?

There is just no way around it – a cavity is a serious problem for your tooth. Every bit of damage done by decay will be permanent, meaning a lasting dental restoration needs to be placed. Fortunately, for cavities addressed with a dental filling, your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can provide attractive, long-term support with… Read more »

What Should I Expect From A Filling?

What kind of support can you count on from a dental filling? Many patients can feel particular concerns when they learn they need to have a filling placed on a tooth. One issue is the fear that this restoration will be unsightly, and create a distraction that hurts their smile. Other patients can fear what… Read more »

The Benefits of Bonded Fillings

No matter the size of your cavity, you’ll probably need a filling. Throughout the years of dental fillings, patients have had several materials to choose from; amalgam (silver), gold, etc. Now, dentists are using a newer material, known as composite-resin, to fill teeth that are suffering from tooth decay and cavities. Not only is this material… Read more »

Bonded Fillings Vs. Metal Fillings

Dental fillings are used to restore teeth that have been damaged from tooth decay and cavities. In the past, amalgam (silver) was the leading material choice for fillings. However, not only is amalgam much darker than your teeth, but it also tends to expand and contract in reaction to extreme temperatures – which can cause… Read more »

Benefits of Bonded Fillings: FAQs

Have you been diagnosed with a cavity and are already worried about the way your tooth will looking after you receive treatment? Fortunately, you are receiving dental care during a time when you can expect the most from restorative care. So much, in fact, that your smile will often receive the functional repairs it needs… Read more »

Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Heimer Enjoy Running

In addition to helping our patients maintain healthy, beautiful smiles, Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Heimer also like to be active members of their communities. Outside of the office, both of our doctors enjoy a good run, participating in races in Rochester MN and even Chicago.

FAQs About General Dentistry

Be honest: When was the last time you visited the dentist? Maintaining a healthy smile requires regular dental care. As a part of our approach to general dentistry, we offer everything from thorough checkups to oral cancer screenings. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, can improve the health and beauty of your smile with general dentistry.

Smile Improvement Quiz

  Do you want a beautiful smile? According to a recent Kelton Research study, people with gorgeous smiles are considered both more attractive and successful. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, we provide an array of innovative options for improving the health and appearance of your smile. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, discusses some… Read more »

Do You Have a Broken Tooth?

Whether you endured a sports injury or bit down on a peach pit, your teeth can become chipped or broken. Unfortunately, a damaged tooth increases the risk of tooth decay or dental infection. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, offers a number of cosmetic and restorative techniques to return your broken tooth to full function… Read more »

Improving Stained Teeth

Do you suffer from unsightly teeth stains? Dental discoloration can dull your smile and erode your confidence. Fortunately, with cosmetic dentistry, you can obtain a brighter, more beautiful smile. Your Rochester dentist, Dr. Gilly Calcagno, offers our patients professional teeth whitening options.