Gum Disease Can Create Additional Health Troubles

February is American Heart Month, a time to recognize the importance of preventing cardiac troubles. Your diet, exercise habits, and even sleep can impact your likelihood for heart troubles. What about your oral health? Could a problem with your smile contribute to your risk for heart disease? Increasing attention is being given to the link… Read more »

Making The Comfort Of Our Patients A Priority

When it comes to providing a comfortable experience, different patients can require different levels of service. In some cases, a patient who normally feels at ease in the dentist’s chair may worry about upcoming restorative dental work. In other instances, a person’s levels of dental anxiety may make routine services difficult to endure. Our practice… Read more »

Exploring Your Whitening Treatment Options With Your Dentist

Many people would be thrilled to make their teeth whiter, but they may be uncertain of how to proceed. If you have previously attempted to make changes through a store bought whitening treatment, you may feel that real improvements are hard to come by. Fortunately, your dentist’s cosmetic dental treatments can offer the kind of… Read more »

Check Out SocialICE This Weekend!

This weekend, the downtown Rochester area will welcome residents to a bar experience that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “a cold one.” The area will be transformed by the addition of several ice bars for the SocialICE event! Nine specially made twelve foot bars are going to be set up, and visitors… Read more »