Month: May 2022

Can A Root Canal Take Care Of My Tooth?

Through the appropriate restorative treatment, you can feel confident that your vulnerable tooth is taken care of, which means no more discomfort and no more worries about your overall oral health. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can provide different options for treatment based on patients’ needs. For those who have issues that are… Read more »

Cosmetic Improvements With Invisalign

There are different approaches to cosmetic dentistry that can help patients show off better smiles. For people who are concerned about the way that their teeth are spaced, Invisalign can be an effective treatment choice as well as a convenient one. Clear aligners can remove the need for you to depend on fixed metal braces… Read more »

Am I Missing The Signs Of Tooth Decay?

Is it easy to recognize when a cavity first forms? Unfortunately, you can be unaware of the problem initially, but it can become difficult to ignore as the condition of your tooth worsens. If you simply wait until you think something is wrong to see a dentist, you can find that you need more involved… Read more »

3 Problems Your Veneers Can Address

There are many people who have at least one problem with their smile. Whether you are someone with one relatively minor issue or someone who wants to take on several flaws, you may be just one procedure away from the results that you truly want. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help you… Read more »

What Can I Do About A Cold Sore?

There are few problems that stand out like cold sores. They can give people a negative initial impression of you, but they can last too long for you to easily “wait out” your recovery without seeing others. What can you do if you want this problem to go away? At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office,… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Your Toothache

When a tooth starts to hurt, it can be concerning. When the pain does not go away, or when it feels severe, the matter should be brought to your dentist’s attention. The discomfort you feel can be a warning that you have problems from an advanced cavity; if the issue arises after physical trauma, it… Read more »

Reasons To Look Into Implant Dentistry

It can be difficult to live without your complete smile. Unfortunately, concerns about what prosthetic work can really do for you may make it difficult for you to inquire about your treatment options. Your Rochester, MN dentist can help you regain more confidence in your oral health, appearance, and bite function by recommending implant dentistry…. Read more »

How Same-Day Crowns Are Produced

Is it really possible to have lasting dental work done in just one appointment? At many other practices, work that involves the placement of dental crowns must take place over at least two visits. This is because these other offices need to rely on a third party lab to produce these restorations. At our Rochester,… Read more »

When You Need Help With Gum Disease

The consistent dental exams and cleanings that you schedule protect you against cavities as well as other oral health threats, including the threat of gum disease. Problems with your periodontal health should be taken seriously. When you let an infection go untreated, there are several consequences that can impact your appearance and health, and you… Read more »

Scheduling Time To Discuss Cosmetic Work

Knowing what you wish to improve about your smile is certainly helpful, but when it comes to arranging a cosmetic dental procedure, you may wish for more information to determine what kind of service or services might help you see those desired improvements. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can bring you in for… Read more »