Has Your Smile Care Routine Changed?

You may not realize it, but seemingly small changes in your smile care routine can have a big impact on your risk for oral health issues. You may have unknowingly left yourself at greater risk for tartar buildup because your daily hygiene efforts have become less effective. If you are no longer consistent about seeing your dentist for preventive care, you can experience an increased risk for both new problems and complications. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you stay on track with an effective routine. Your regular dental exams and cleanings will provide you with feedback about the state of your smile as well as in-office services that help you avoid trouble with tooth decay and gum disease. 

The Importance Of Consistency In Smile Care

When it comes to properly maintaining your teeth and gums, you should not overlook the importance of a routine that is consistent. Throughout the day, our teeth are at risk from accumulating bacteria as well as the buildup of remnants from foods and drinks that feed harmful microbes. Each time you brush and floss, you clear away these unwelcome materials. Each time you go in for a routine dental exam and cleaning, you receive feedback regarding both the effectiveness of your efforts and the state of your oral health. Another benefit to your regular checkups is that if there are concerns about your daily routine, we can let you know and offer guidance on how to more effectively defend your smile.

Keep Up With Your Oral Hygiene Efforts At Home

Your routine of brushing and flossing can keep you safe against tartar buildup as well as problems that require restorative dental work. To make sure it is working as it should, it is important that you take the time to thoroughly clean your smile. That means moving your floss string vertically to clean at the base of your teeth, and it also means giving yourself at least two minutes to thoroughly brush. When you do this, and you stick to a smart diet that is lower in sugar, you reduce your chances of experiencing problems that concern your appearance and well-being.

Regularly Scheduling Dental Exams

By regularly visiting your dentist for preventive care, you both reduce your risk for future oral health issues and ensure that problems you do experience are promptly addressed. Every visit includes a thorough teeth cleaning that will tend to the buildup of harmful plaque and tartar, providing both protection and feedback on your current brushing and flossing effectiveness. You will also enjoy protection from a review that can lead to the early detection and treatment of problems that have formed. The good news is that timely interventions reduce complications, and can mean the difference between receiving a conservative dental filling or a dental crown.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Improving Your Smile Care Routine

Through the right smile care routine, you can count on important protection against the different threats posed by oral bacteria. If you have questions or wish to book your next visit, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.