Am I Doing Enough To Avoid Cavities?

If you want to keep your smile looking its best, you should focus on how you can effectively maintain a routine that keeps you safe from the threat of dental decay. A cavity will permanently harm your tooth structure. If it is not caught in time, you actually become vulnerable to an infection that can cause serious discomfort and put your dental and even general health at risk. Protecting yourself against dental decay calls for both consistent oral hygiene as well as routine dental checkups and cleanings. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can provide support to keep you safe from problems, and we can make sure that they are effectively treated when we identify an issue with your dental well-being.

Why You Should Make Cavity Prevention A Priority

By effectively caring for your smile, you remove plaque buildup before tartar can form, keep gingivitis from becoming an issue, and lower your risk for cavities. The prevention of cavities is important to your oral health because the damage that occurs is permanent. This is why treatment includes the placement of either a dental filling or dental crown. It is also important because when a cavity is not caught in time, bacteria eventually make their way to your pulp, the tooth’s central chamber, which will then lead to trouble with a painful infection as well as the risk for decay to spread beyond the tooth.

Taking Care Of Your Teeth At Home

On your own, you can protect yourself against cavities by making smart choices about what you eat and drink, and also by thoroughly cleaning your smile each day. Reducing your intake of sugary and acidic foods will help you protect your enamel. By keeping up with both brushing and flossing, you can remove food particles and harmful bacteria from your teeth before plaque buildup can form, and you can remove any plaque that have developed before you have tartar deposits that need to be cleaned. With both practices, make sure that you are thorough enough to reach every part of your smile, including harder to reach areas, to keep yourself safe from problems.

Planning Your Regular Dental Checkups And Cleanings

Even when you have a consistent smile care routine that you follow, you should keep up with the preventive dental work provided during routine appointments. During these visits, we provide detailed checkups and teeth cleanings to make sure there are no problems that need our attention. When trouble is formed, we can provide timely care to stop potential complications from occurring.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Cavity Prevention

An effective approach to cavity prevention will help you preserve your smile and health. To learn what role our preventive services can play in preserving your dental health, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.