We Can Treat Dental Discoloration

Not every problem worth discussing with your dentist focuses on your oral health. Because our Rochester, MN dentist’s office offers effective cosmetic services, there are issues we can address that hurt your appearance, even if they do not cause issues with your well-being. One concern is that you might have worsening problems with dental discoloration. This is a problem that can become increasingly serious over time as enamel stains accumulate; even if you do a good job keeping your smile cavity-free, you can find it tougher to completely protect yourself from the formation of these stains. Through treatment with professional whitening agents, you can see to it that this problem is put behind you, and you can once again show off a bright and confident smile!

Dental Discoloration Can Leave You Concerned About Your Appearance

Worsening enamel stains can age your smile, make it appear less healthy, and generally hurt your confidence you have in the way you look. In other words, it is a problem you can be eager to address! One thing you can do is change your diet in order to reduce your exposure to these stains. You can also fight their formation by keeping up with good oral hygiene efforts that remove the particles from foods and drinks that affect how you look. With that said, these changes still leave you with concerns over existing discoloration. Through professional teeth whitening treatment, they can be effectively removed, and you can once again feel comfortable with your appearance!

Proceeding With A Teeth Whitening Treatment

You can actually take home the teeth whitening kit that your dentist prepares for you and use it at your convenience. Because of this, you can find it easier to fit treatment into your schedule, and you can feel more comfortable committing to it. The kits that we prepare supply patients with advanced whitening gels and special, custom-made trays that make the application process easier. Once you begin, you will perform treatment on a daily basis for a set period of time. At the end of that time, you can marvel at how much better you look thanks to the appearance of enamel that is many shades brighter than before!

Using Porcelain Veneers To Make Cosmetic Changes

We do offer an another cosmetic service for patients who have issues other than discoloration, as well as for those who have problems with discoloration that are not linked to trouble with external stains. We can place porcelain veneers on the front surfaces of teeth in order to cover up discoloration, damage to your enamel, and problems with spacing. These thin, durable shells also help us change the shapes and sizes of teeth that look awkward or out of place.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Treating Dental Discoloration

Through treatment for dental discoloration, you can put concerns about your appearance behind you! To find out more, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.