Looking For Signs Of Gum Disease

If you look at your smile and notice that a tooth is damaged, discolored, or in pain, you can have immediate concerns about your oral health. Unfortunately, not every problem is immediately noticeable. When a cavity first develops, you may not realize that something is wrong. With gum disease, you may not feel discomfort because of an infection, but you can look out for certain indicators that you might have something wrong. Looking out for warning signs like changes in your gum line, discolored tissues, and more frequent bleeding can let you know that gingivitis needs to be addressed. Your Rochester, MN dental practice can help you resolve trouble with your periodontal health. Our practice also provides preventive services that will help you avoid future concerns.

Are You Ignoring The Risks Created By Gum Disease?

If you are not aware of what gum disease can do to your smile and overall health, you can fail to see the importance of consistent periodontal care. Problems with gingivitis that are not managed in time can worsen to the point where you become vulnerable to tooth loss. In time, the harmful microbes that develop under your gum line can even create new health issues as they move through your bloodstream to new areas. The good news is that with the right habits at home and regular preventive appointments with your dentist, you are less likely to experience the kind of progression that causes these complications.

Gum Disease Prevention At Home

Your oral hygiene routine helps you control your risk for problems with your gums. Keeping up with both brushing and flossing will be important for stopping gingivitis from affecting you. Unfortunately, individuals sometimes see flossing as just a means of safely dislodging food debris. As part of your daily behaviors, it will help you keep bacteria from moving to the roots of your teeth and causing infections to develop. This effort, along with through brushing that cleans at the base of your teeth, will keep you safe so that you have no issues with gingivitis or gum disease that have to be managed.

Regular Checkups And Your Periodontal Health

Even if you have a smile care routine that you take pride in, you should not feel like you are the only person who can fight problems with your oral health. You should have dental exams scheduled on a regular basis, as this will help you with both the prevention of problems and their early detection and treatment. Between preventive services that fight gingivitis and even treatment with lasers to preserve your periodontal health, we can take care to help you better protect your gums!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Gum Disease!

With a combination of good daily behaviors and regular dental exams, we can help you stay safe from gum disease! If you have questions about your health or want to discuss treatment, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.