Leave Oral Hygiene Mistakes In 2021!

How effective are your current efforts to protect your smile? Did you spend part of 2021 in the dentist’s chair to deal with a cavity, concerns about gum disease, or another oral health issue? Whether you spent the year with a healthy smile or experienced problems, you can benefit from a review of your current hygiene routine. Better habits can help you fight tartar and plaque buildup, prevent the onset of gingivitis, and keep you safe from dental decay. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is here to help patients of all ages protect their dental health, which means we can provide important support to everyone in your household as you work to maintain healthy, problem-free smiles!

Are You Making Yourself Vulnerable To Oral Health Problems?

You may not realize just how vulnerable you are to problems with your oral health. Over the years, diet changes and enamel erosion can affect how likely you are to have difficulties with dental decay. To keep safe, you should rely on a combination of good daily behaviors as well as access to regular dental exams and cleanings. Both play a valuable role in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Because our practice offers services to kids as well as adults, you can bring everyone in your family for support!

Improving Your Daily Hygiene Routine

Your daily behaviors are important for keeping your smile safe from trouble. Brushing and flossing will certainly have a valuable role in guarding you against tooth decay and gum disease. Brush two times a day and take the time to thoroughly clean every part of your smile. Make sure you also floss on a daily basis to lower your risk for gingivitis and fight bacteria and food debris effectively. Remember that your diet should feature limited sugar and fewer acidic products in order to keep your enamel safe and healthy.

Including Regular Dental Exams In Your Smile Care Efforts

Regular dental checkups and cleanings provide important reviews and updates about your well-being. Cleanings remove bacteria buildup, including tartar deposits that resist your efforts at removal. You also receive helpful updates, which can include early warnings about cavities and gum disease that can be promptly treated. Unless you are told otherwise by your dentist, you should make plans to visit for routine care every six months.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Improving Your Oral Hygiene

Better oral hygiene habits can help you enjoy a new year with a healthier, more attractive smile. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you with this by providing regular reviews and dental cleanings that benefit your oral health. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.