Month: December 2021

Leave Oral Hygiene Mistakes In 2021!

How effective are your current efforts to protect your smile? Did you spend part of 2021 in the dentist’s chair to deal with a cavity, concerns about gum disease, or another oral health issue? Whether you spent the year with a healthy smile or experienced problems, you can benefit from a review of your current… Read more »

Make A Resolution To Improve Your Smile!

What can you do to make 2022 better than the year that came before? Many people are starting the new year with a smile that they are less than eager to show off. This can make them feel less confident and sociable, and it can generally hurt their overall comfort with the way they look…. Read more »

Exploring Cosmetic Treatments And Their Benefits

With the new year on its way, this can be a great time to think about how you can show off a newly improved smile! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we provide different solutions for those who have concerns about the way they look. What changes are you hoping to make with treatment? Our… Read more »

The Gift Of Teeth Restored By Veneers

Are you ready to take on issues that make you self-conscious about the way you look when you smile and speak? When you learn what porcelain veneers can do for your appearance, it can be hard not to feel excited for how they can help you. Your Rochester, MN dentist can talk with you about… Read more »

How A Crown Can Be Ready In One Visit

In some situations, treatment for an unhealthy tooth will demand more than just the placement of a dental filling. To help with a larger cavity or injured tooth, your Rochester, MN dentist can put a custom dental crown in place to surround the tooth and keep it safe. To fit properly and remain in place… Read more »

Is This The Right Time For Clear Aligners?

When you learn how much good clear aligners can do for your smile and oral health, you can be eager to see the results they deliver. With that said, you may be less sure about when you should actually start a procedure to straighten your smile. Will your adjustment prove to be an inconvenience? Will… Read more »

Using Lasers In Treatment For Cold Sores

Once a cold sore begins to erupt on your lip, you can have understandable worries over how it will affect your smile. The discomfort from this sore, and the concern over a potential infection, can also be a source of stress for you. The good news is that your Rochester, MN dentist can do something… Read more »

Regular Oral Health Care For Families

Because our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is here to help patients of all ages, we can make consistent smile care easier for families in and around our community to arrange. Parents and their kids can come see us for important updates about their oral health. In many ways, our needs remain consistent when it comes… Read more »

Protecting A Vulnerable Chipped Tooth

As soon as you chip your tooth, you can be keenly aware that your smile is not going to be the same. While you can be less sure about the impact this harm will have on your oral health, you can be understandably worried about the impact of an injury on your well-being, too. At… Read more »

Are You Concerned About Teeth Stains?

Teeth stains can be a source of concern for many. With that said, some individuals can have more noticeable problems than others, making them feel embarrassed about their teeth and generally more self-conscious about the way they look. The good news is that your dentist can help you take on problems with the color of… Read more »