Completing Cosmetic Work In One Visit

You made the choice to ask your dentist about cosmetic treatment. You can look forward to exciting results when your care is complete. After all, the services available to you can make teeth brighter, hide flaws in their shape and size, cover damage, and even deal with gaps and overlaps. However, you may be less sure about when you can see those improvements, or how many visits you will need to arrange to see the results you want. You may be surprised at just how convenient cosmetic dental work can be. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can actually provide different treatments that respond to problems in as little as one appointment!

Show Off A Better Smile In Less Time Than You Expect!

People ask about cosmetic services for different reasons. Some are bothered by changes in their appearance that they have recently observed, while others can be uncomfortable because of flaws that have always held them back. Because we offer complimentary cosmetic consultations, we can help you determine which approach is the right one to give you your ideal changes. If you hope to see your results before an important upcoming date, or you are just eager to have improvements as soon as possible, we can look at treatment options that offer results in a limited time. Many of our patients can see the results that they want after just one or two visits!

Planning Your Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

An in-office teeth whitening treatment can deliver the results that you want in just one appointment. During your visit, we will use advanced but safe bleaching gels to deal with stains, and a special curing light to speed up their effects. As a result, we only need this one visit to complete your procedure. A whitening procedure can be effective at removing stains that have been tough to lift even with store bought treatments. However, if you have intrinsic discoloration, we can discuss alternatives to this approach in order to give you the changes you truly want to see.

Using A Same-Day Crown To Cover A Flawed Tooth

Sometimes, the key to positively changing a person’s smile only calls for the restoration of a single tooth. Because we have CEREC technology in our office, we can target an unflattering tooth and treat it with a custom, lifelike dental crown that is ready in just one appointment. This technology includes digital imaging equipment that helps us take detailed measurements of the tooth itself, which are used to produce restorations that are just the right shape and size to remain comfortable and look natural.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Cosmetic Work

Our practice offers different services that can help people in and around the Rochester community see exciting cosmetic changes! If you would like to learn more, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.