Treatment Options For A Dental Injury

While cavities are a common threat, and not one to take lightly, this is not the only kind of dental damage that you need to worry about! While tooth enamel is a remarkably strong substance, it can be physically harmed. A chip or crack in your tooth can be a cause for concern both because it hurts your smile and because it affects your oral health. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you if you find yourself in need of treatment for an injured tooth.  Treatment can take less time than you expect, and it can be a relief to see how your procedure restores your appearance.

Dental Injuries Can Vary In Severity

One person’s dental injury can be addressed with a cosmetic procedure, while another’s might call for a dental crown and root canal therapy. Simply put, dental damage varies in severity, and that means we need to be prepared to serve patients in different ways. The good news is that even if the damage to your tooth structure is significant, we can resolve the problem in less time than you expect while still preserving the way you look!

Can A Cosmetic Treatment Take Care Of A Tooth Injury?

A cosmetic procedure may be appropriate for a dental injury. Before we determine how we should approach your care, we will check on the tooth’s condition. For those who qualify, we can treat physical harm with a cosmetic procedure. With a tooth bonding treatment, we can actually move forward with your care without placing a permanent restoration. We also have the option of capping a tooth with a porcelain veneer.

Our Same-Day Dental Crowns Shorten Treatment Times

Our office can actually shorten your treatment time if you need a dental crown as part of your care. With the CEREC technology in our office, we are able to provide custom dental crowns that are ready in just one visit! In addition to making sure that the restoration you receive is just the right shape and size, we can make sure it is a good visual match for your smile. The crown will provide important functional support as well, which means you can continue to bite, chew, and speak without worrying that you will have a difficult time adjusting to its presence.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist If You Need Treatment For A Dental Injury

Hopefully, you will be able to avoid both dental injuries and cavities. If you do find yourself in need of treatment because of harm to your tooth structure, remember that our practice is here to help! If you would like to learn more or set up a visit, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.