Month: August 2021

Proceeding With Treatment For Teeth Stains

Does it seem like your smile is growing progressively less attractive because you keep accumulating teeth stains? Have those stains proven difficult for you to fight? While there are plenty of over the counter products that offer help with dental discoloration, they can have limited impact on the way you look. This does not mean… Read more »

Is Flossing A Daily Habit For You?

You may reach for your floss when you feel a piece of food wedged between your teeth, but do you also reach for it when it is time for you to follow your daily hygiene routine? This action is an important part of preventive dental care, as it helps you effectively clean spaces that are… Read more »

We Provide Preventive Care For Families

Dental services that suit a child’s needs may not fit the needs of an adult patient. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we support patients of all ages by recognizing that those in different age groups can require different forms of support when they are in our dentist’s chair. By recognizing this, we can more… Read more »

Can Cosmetic Work Make Lasting Changes?

When someone commits to cosmetic dental work, what will they really gain from treatment? You may assume that a procedure will deliver the smile changes you want, but will your improvements really last? The right procedure can help you see results and maintain an increased confidence in the way you look. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s… Read more »

Avoid Issues With Dental Wear And Tear

When you think about protecting your teeth, you may focus on how you can protect your enamel from the kind of decay that can lead to cavities. This is certainly an important issue to guard against, but this is not the only physical threat that your teeth face! Gradual wear and tear over time can… Read more »

Put An End To A Break From Dental Visits

When it comes to time between dental checkups, how long is too long? Unless you have instructions from your dentist to follow something different, you should stick to a schedule of appointments every six months. By visiting on a semiannual basis, you can avoid complications with your oral health, and you can receive cleanings that… Read more »

Problems Addressed With Veneers

If you have certain problems with your smile, cosmetic dental work can be appealing. However, you may be wary of starting treatment if you are unsure of what results you can actually see. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we make it easier to look into the benefits of care by providing complimentary cosmetic consultations…. Read more »

Better Cavity Prevention Habits

Will cavity prevention become more difficult as you age? Can a change in your daily routine make you more vulnerable to problems with decay? How do your regular dental exams impact your risks for problems? It is good to question your efforts to protect your smile, but without the right information, those questions can just… Read more »

We Can Help Kids Stay Cavity-Free

As they reach the age when they can start learning how to brush and floss on their own, kids can depend on guidance and support from their parents. The right instructions at this point can be key when it comes to helping your little ones develop smart, effective routines. While you should provide that encouragement,… Read more »

Making Better Choices To Avoid Gingivitis

There are several choices you can make to control your risk for gingivitis. Your commitment to your oral hygiene routine is certainly important. Consistent and thorough care on a daily basis will help you control the buildup of bacteria that put you at risk for periodontal problems. You also protect yourself by scheduling regular dental… Read more »