Your Access To Lifelike Restorations

Proceeding with cavity treatment, or with a procedure to restore a physically injured tooth, means taking care of a problem that will worsen in time without the right support. As strong as they are, our teeth are limited in their ability to naturally recover from harm, which is why treatment involves the placement of fillings and crowns. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can actually provide restorations that manage to imitate the appearance of healthy enamel. This lets us provide treatment without making you concerned that we might change your smile. In situations where we need to provide dental crowns, we can actually shorten treatment times by providing lifelike restorations in just one appointment!

We Can Treat Cavities Without Making Changes To Your Smile

Treating a cavity will stop decay from doing any further damage to your tooth, and it will prevent complications that could negatively affect your oral health. In some situations, root canal treatment has to occur to fully resolve problems with decay. However, you can avoid this if you seek treatment in time. Based on the damage done to your enamel by decay, we will determine if you need a filling, or if it will be necessary to place a crown over your tooth to keep it safe. What will our decision mean for your smile? Because both restorations manage to effectively imitate healthy enamel, in both situations we can care for you without affecting the way you look!

Using A Durable, Lifelike Filling To Protect Your Tooth

A lifelike dental filling provided at our practice will keep your tooth safe, strong enough to absorb bite pressure, and attractive. The material we use to create these restorations can actually bond to your enamel and provide a long-lasting hold. In addition, it can match the color and texture of your enamel. When your treatment is finished, you should be comfortable relying on the tooth to bite and chew, and you should feel confident in the way you look!

Restoring Your Smile With A Same-Day Dental Crown

Thanks to the CEREC technology we possess at our office, we can provide same-day dental crowns to our patients, which means we can have their treatments completed in just one visit! We can take digital measurements of the tooth, then create a custom-made crown to fit you comfortably. Once this is done, our in-office milling machine gives us the means to craft your restoration and put it in place!

Your Rochester, MN Dentist Can Provide Lifelike Restorations

With the right treatment, you can count on having a cavity restored and on keeping your smile attractive! To learn how we can help with this, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.