How Does Tartar Differ From Plaque?

Good brushing and flossing routines help you fight the formation of plaque and tartar, lowering your risk for problems with your dental health that call for professional treatment. As bacteria and food debris accumulate, plaque formation becomes a concern. You can fight these deposits by cleaning your teeth. However, if you do not address them in time, they will harden to form tartar buildup. The tartar deposits on your smile will remain until your next professional teeth cleaning. This is one reason why regular dental exams are so important. Without them, you are vulnerable to the accumulation of harmful deposits that can lead to problems that require restorative treatment! Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can provide valuable smile care by both cleaning and closely evaluating your teeth.

Tartar Buildup Can Make It Hard To Keep Your Smile Healthy

If your teeth are not being cleaned effectively on a daily basis, you have a greater risk for experiencing tartar buildup. When these deposits gather, they make you vulnerable to issues like dental decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, even a short break in your routine can make you more susceptible to the accumulation of harmful tartar.

Dealing With Tartar Buildup Through Regular Cleanings

You will not be able to remove tartar buildup on your own. To make sure that your smile is protected against these deposits, you should attend regular dental exams. At these appointments, your teeth undergo a thorough cleaning that will remove the tartar and plaque buildup found on your enamel. By ridding you of these deposits, we can lower your risk for problems with your oral health. This means providing protection against tooth decay as well as gingivitis. If you have issues already, we can make plans to treat you at our practice. We can supply a deep cleaning to remove bacteria from below your gum line in order to fight gingivitis. For any cavities that have formed, your dentist will provide either dental fillings or dental crowns.

Preventing Tartar Formation Between Appointments

Even if you cannot remove tartar buildup by yourself, you are still able to protect your smile by thoroughly brushing and flossing. A good strategy for preventing plaque accumulation will reduce your risk for tartar. Make sure that you brush at least two times every day, and that you take the time to floss each evening before you go to bed. Flossing can do more than just dislodge food particles stuck between teeth. This habit also helps you protect your teeth and gums by removing bacteria and food debris from the spaces where teeth meet.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Having Tartar Removed

Effectively keeping tartar deposits from gathering on your smile will help you avoid issues that can negatively affect your health and appearance. To learn how we can help you avoid tartar accumulation and remove deposits already present, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.