How Bonding Treatments Improve Smiles

When people express their interest in cosmetic dentistry, they can point out several concerns that they would like to address. What may surprise you is that with one procedure, it is often possible for us to resolve many different concerns and deliver exciting improvements. One option offered at our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is tooth bonding treatment. This approach can actually change the shape, size, and color of teeth that look awkward or out of place in as little as one procedure, and without the need to put permanent restorations in place.

A Conservative Cosmetic Procedure Can Transform The Way You Look

Cosmetic dental procedures can make big changes to the way you look, but that does not mean you need significant or involved treatment to see your results. A conservative treatment can take care of blemishes, visible damage to enamel, or even problems with the way teeth are aligned with each other. Because of this, you can see your ideal smile after a procedure that does not involve the placement of a permanent restoration, and only requires minimal changes to your tooth structure.

Learn What Your Tooth Bonding Treatment Can Do For Your Smile

Through tooth bonding treatment, we can take care of discoloration, problems with the shape or size of a tooth, and even some alignment or spacing issues. The procedure relies on a composite resin material that we can permanently affix to the surface of your enamel. The substance, when hardened, can provide lasting benefits, and it can make dramatic changes to the way you look. Because there is no need to create and place any permanent restorations, it is possible for us to complete your procedure in as little as one appointment!

Schedule A Consultation To Learn More About What Your Dentist Can Do For You

Is a tooth bonding procedure really the right approach if you want to change your smile? It is one of several services we offer to patients interested in cosmetic treatment. To find out more about it, and to learn more about the other options that are open to you, set up a cosmetic consultation! At this complimentary visit, we can discuss your options for smile improvement, and determine how different approaches might help address your current concerns about the way you look.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About How You Can Improve Your Smile

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to help patients smile with more confidence. Through tooth bonding treatments, we can take on a number of superficial flaws and produce exciting esthetic changes. This approach can be completed with conservative work on your tooth structure, and without the need for permanent restorations. To find out more about this and other procedures that are available to you, reach out to our dentist’s office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.