Preventive Visits And Periodontal Health

When you see your dentist for preventive care, you should expect more than just a review of your dental health. At your appointment, you can receive a beneficial cleaning as well as an evaluation that can alert you to any problems with your gums as well as your teeth. Preventive periodontal care can be more important to your long-term health than you may realize. When problems with your gums are not addressed in time, you can experience problems with an infection that threatens your overall health and also makes you more vulnerable to losing teeth. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you avoid these difficulties by providing care that helps you protect your gums.

Are You Currently Doing Enough To Protect Yourself Against Gum Disease?

To effectively prevent gum disease, you should prioritize regular dental visits as well as routine daily care. On your own, you can protect your smile by thoroughly brushing and flossing. Both services can help you maintain healthy gums as long as you work to keep the spaces where your teeth and periodontal tissues meet clean. If you let bacteria build up in these spaces, they can start to move below the tissues and create problems for you. Gingivitis, the first stage of an infection, is a reversible problem, but if too much time without treatment passes, this is something that becomes difficult to manage.

Discussing Your Periodontal Health During A Routine Exam

At every routine visit, we help a patient by carefully examining their teeth as well as their gums. Checking on your periodontal health is important. By identifying the symptoms of gingivitis, we can determine that you should undergo a periodontal cleaning instead of typical treatment. What difference does this make? A periodontal cleaning actually cleans the spaces behind your gums where bacteria can start to gather, which can remove an infection and give your tissues the chance to heal. We can also discuss long-term strategies for protecting your smile if you have symptoms of more advanced gum disease.

Making Positive Changes To Your Daily Smile Care Routine

Regular dental visits and professional periodontal care are both important. What you should also do to protect your smile is practice smarter habits on a daily basis. Each time you clean your teeth, work to thoroughly clean the spaces where your teeth and gums meet. Additionally, be on the lookout for signs of gingivitis. These signs include problems with tissues that bleed easily, trouble with swelling or discoloration, and changes in your gum line.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office To Schedule Your Next Preventive Visit

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