Fully Treating A Cracked Tooth

Restorative treatments are needed whenever damage affects tooth enamel. These services are often sought when patients have cavity troubles that need to be resolved. With that said, it is also important that you reach out and let us know you need treatment if your tooth is cracked, or if it is physically harmed in some other way. Fully treating a cracked tooth means restoring your bite, protecting the remaining tooth structure, and preventing potential complications. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can actually help patients complete treatments in less time when they have dental injuries, as we are able to provide dental crowns that are ready after just a single procedure!

A Crack In Your Tooth Can Become A Big Issue

Thanks to the strength of our enamel, we are able to bite and chew tough foods for years without experiencing dental damage. However, an unlucky bite into something hard, or a physical injury, can leave you with a chip or crack that needs to be addressed by your dentist. What can happen if you do not act in time to restore your tooth? You can end up experiencing more damage, as your enamel is in a weakened state. You can also experience problems with an infection when bacteria gather at the site of your injury. The longer you put off services, the more likely it is that your injury will worsen before you see your dentist!

Using A Same-Day Crown To Restore Your Cracked Tooth

Our practice needs less time to restore a patient’s smile when an injury has occurred. This is thanks to the CEREC technology that we use to provide same-day dental crowns. The process of permanently restoring your tooth requires several steps. At first, we must evaluate your tooth, as measurements ensure that the crown is the right shape and size to be secure and comfortable. Once gathered, we can use these measurements to create a digital design of your crown. From there, we use an in-office milling machine to produce it so that we can place it before your visit is over! The ceramic material we use to create these restorations can match the color and general look of your healthy enamel, which is why you are able to receive treatment that preserves the way you look.

Am I Eligible For Cosmetic Work To Address Dental Damage?

For some injuries, we can look at providing treatment in the form of cosmetic dental work. However, we need to confirm that this approach is sufficient to restore your tooth’s appearance, and that you do not need treatment to address any health issues. If you are approved, we can provide a porcelain veneer or move forward with tooth bonding treatment to address the problem while minimizing changes to your enamel.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Treating Your Cracked Tooth

Our practice is ready to help if you need to do something about a cracked tooth! To find out more, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.