Life After Your Dental Implant Is Restored

Implant dentistry makes it possible for a person to enjoy more than just a full smile after tooth loss. When your plans to replace missing teeth include work with implants, you can enjoy more stability for neighboring teeth, protection for your jawbone, and better bite support! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are ready to help individuals who want to replace a missing tooth, or even several missing teeth. We can help you understand what dental implants provide, and we can discuss the different treatment steps. At the right time, you can come to us to have your implant restored with a custom restoration that gives you back your full smile as well as better bite support.

Implants Can Restore Your Full Smile And Improve Your Bite

When you plan restorative treatment to regain your full smile, you may have doubts about what the right services can really do for you. Many people assume they can have their complete smile back, but they may have questions about how a procedure will help them maintain their oral health, or give them back the ability to bite and chew with confidence. At our office, we can talk with you about plans to replace a lost tooth – or several lost teeth – through implant dentistry. These small titanium posts essentially operate like artificial roots to give replacement teeth long-term support.

What Can I Expect From My Implant-Held Restoration?

We can restore your implant with a restoration that matches neighboring teeth, which can effectively improve your smile. They can also hold up against biting and chewing pressures, which can positively change how you bite and chew food. Tooth loss takes away more than just confidence in the way we look. Over time, it can be harder for a person to maintain a varied, nutrient-rich diet because of limitations on their bite function. It can also prove difficult to avoid trouble with jaw pain and stiffness due to a compromised bite. The sooner you receive your implant-held restoration, the sooner you can regain both a complete smile and natural bite function. Your implant-held restoration can even restore your jaw health by stimulating the bone, which sends signals to your body to deliver nutrients to these tissues.

The Importance Of Keeping Up With Preventive Care After Restorative Work

Preventive dental services help patients stay protected against different threats that can affect their smile. While these visits are always beneficial, you should be as consistent as possible with them after restorative services. At a routine dental checkup, we can check on the status of your implant-held restoration. With proper care at home and routine visits, you can keep the restoration safe and healthy, ensuring you have no smile concerns. If a problem has developed, we can identify it and start treatment before complications affect you.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Restoring Your Smile With An Implant-Held Restoration

By restoring your smile with an implant-held appliance, we can give you better bite support as well as renewed confidence in your smile! To find out more, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.