Are You Losing Confidence In Your Smile?

Over time, a person may lose confidence in their smile because they have visible issues with teeth stains, because of enamel wear and tear that ages them, or because of a more severe problem, like tooth loss. You should not feel as though you have no means of addressing a change that has impacted the way you feel about your smile. With the right procedure, you can maintain a more attractive and youthful appearance! Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you address your growing concerns. We provide free cosmetic consultations where you can learn about the effect different procedures can have on the way you look. If necessary, we can also discuss restorative services that can improve your smile and oral health.

Gradual Smile Changes Can Lead To Growing Concerns

Even if you keep your teeth healthy enough to avoid restorative dental work, you can notice gradual changes that hurt the way you look. You can become self-conscious as you pick up more enamel stains that dull the brightness of your teeth, or notice the impact wear and tear is having on your smile. It can be difficult to notice unwelcome changes but not have an idea for how to address them. Fortunately, you can find that a free cosmetic consultation leads to information on how you can enjoy lasting improvements!

Discussing Cosmetic Dental Treatment

There are several cosmetic dental procedures provided at our office. We can actually take on several issues at one time when we use custom porcelain veneers to cover flaws. With veneers, we can hide problems with discoloration, even when it is caused by internal factors and not teeth stains. We can also use veneers to make teeth look straighter, to hide damage, and to modify their sizes to make them more uniform.

Take Care To Keep Your Smile In Good Health!

By making smart choices when it comes to your diet, sticking to a good brushing and flossing routine, and regularly seeing your dentist for routine care, you can have an easier time preserving your smile. Healthier teeth can hold up over time and avoid unwelcome cosmetic changes. Your visits also protect you against gum disease – you may not realize it, but this issue is actually the leading cause of tooth loss, a big change in your smile you should certainly try to avoid!

Losing Confidence In Your Smile? Your Rochester, MN Dentist Can Help!

With the right cosmetic procedure, we can help you take on problems with your smile that have caused you growing dissatisfaction with the way you look. Before you select a procedure, you can come in for a cosmetic consultation and learn what treatment options are available to you. For more information, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.