A One-Visit Treatment For Teeth Stains

How long will it take to see results from a professional teeth whitening treatment? You can schedule an in-office procedure to fight teeth stains and look forward to improvements in as little as one appointment! Patients at our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can discuss several treatment options if they want to show off brighter teeth. Those options include a one-visit treatment that can give you a smile that is several shades whiter than before you went in to see us. We can also discuss other cosmetic procedures that can address discoloration as well as concerns about the shape, size, and general condition of your enamel.

Are You Growing Unhappy With The Color Of Your Smile?

While a teeth whitening treatment can deliver results in a short time, the accumulation of stains that dull a person’s smile can occur slowly. This is a process that can be so gradual that you find yourself taken aback by how your appearance has changed over the years! Unfortunately, it can be difficult to completely cut out products that stain our teeth. While good oral hygiene can help you fight the buildup of particles that affect the way you look, keeping your smile as white as you prefer can be difficult.

Scheduling Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your options for teeth whitening treatment include a single-visit office treatment where a special light activates the bleaching agents used to restore the color of your enamel. If you prefer, you also have the option of taking home a whitening kit to use at your convenience. Daily treatments on your schedule can lead to your smile becoming progressively brighter. Typically, a ten-day series of applications can lead to results that match an in-office procedure!

You Can Talk About Cosmetic Dentistry At A Complimentary Consultation

If you want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, talk to your Rochester dentist about setting up a complimentary consultation! At your consultation, you can discuss what issues you have with your smile, and what your hopes are regarding changes. The feedback from your dentist can help you understand how attainable your results are as well as what procedure or procedures might be right for you.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Treating Your Teeth Stains

Our practice is prepared to help patients who want to do something about trouble with dental discoloration. You can be excited to learn that a single in-office appointment can effectively brighten your smile by many shades! We provide several procedures for people who want to make changes to the way they look. You can learn more about them at a complimentary consultation where we can discuss whitening and other procedures. To learn more, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.