Cosmetic Services That Address Dental Wear And Tear

Does a person’s smile change over time? There are changes that can take place through the years, and they can lead to increasing concerns about how you look. One problem to watch out for is accumulated wear and tear that changes the shape and condition of your enamel. If your teeth start to look worn or misshapen, a cosmetic dental procedure can help. When you visit our Rochester, MN dentist’s office to discuss cosmetic work, you can find that more than one treatment option is available to change the shape and size of teeth that look out of place. These procedures can also help by hiding discoloration and covering alignment problems that make you self-conscious! To help patients understand what their treatment options are, we do offer complimentary cosmetic consultations.

How Worried Should You Be About Visible Dental Wear And Tear?

Even if wear and tear is not serious enough to affect your oral health, it can impact your appearance in ways that are hardly desirable. Generally speaking, these problems can lead to growing concerns over your appearance as your smile makes you look older. Worn teeth can also interfere with your smile symmetry, and create visible flaws that make you self-conscious. Rather than feel as though there is nothing you can do about these problems, you can talk to your dentist about the different treatment options available to you!

Arranging A Cosmetic Procedure

Through cosmetic dental work, you can see changes in your smile that make you look younger and give you a more symmetrical appearance. When we discuss these issues, we can offer different solutions for you. One option is to restore your smile with porcelain veneers that cover flaws like wear and tear, discoloration, damage, and issues with tooth shape or size. We take care to provide custom shells that are capable of improving the way you look while keeping your smile’s natural look. We can also perform tooth bonding treatment to make these changes. Because this work does not rely on custom restorations, you may be able to have your work done in just one visit!

You Can Learn More About Cosmetic Treatment At A Consultation

Through a complimentary cosmetic consultation, you can ask questions about your treatment options, and you can learn what your dentist might recommend to change the way you look. Because these visits are complimentary, they give you easier access to information on treatment that can give you a smile you are excited to share.

Learn About The Cosmetic Services That Are Available To You At Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office!

With the right cosmetic treatment, you can see exciting smile changes that address a variety of issues, including problems with wear and tear that can affect your enamel! For more information, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.