Are You Overdue For Your Next Dental Exam?

Has the time come for you to set up your next dental exam? Unless you are put on a different schedule by your dentist due to individual circumstances, you should make a habit of scheduling semiannual dental exams. At these appointments, your Rochester, MN dentist can provide important services to keep your smile safe from threats like tooth decay and gum disease. We understand that concerns around coronavirus have changed many people’s routines, and may have left you with concerns about arranging routine appointments. Our office has updated our operating practices and introduced new technology to make our space safe for both patients and team members.

The Value Of Regular Dental Exams

How important are regular exams for your overall oral health? Without these visits, you lose out on protection against tartar buildup, you become vulnerable to cavity formation, and you miss out on help in managing your periodontal health. In other words, these visits play a significant role in controlling your risk for trouble, and make it more likely that you will experience more severe issues over time. Fortunately, a return to preventive care can give you back this protection and help you avoid further issues.

 How We Kept Our Practice Safe For Our Patients And Team Members To Visit

We have changed the way we schedule appointments, removed commonly handled items from our waiting area, added sanitation stations, and even introduced air purifying technology to make visits safe for our patients. These changes have been made in response to guidance from the CDC and ADA, and have allowed us to keep caring for people. In addition to being prepared to take on active problems with your well-being, we can help you if you need to arrange a routine visit!

What To Expect If You Need Treatment For Poor Oral Health

If you find out you need treatment for a cavity, or if you have another issue with your oral health that calls for care, we can help. Cavities can call for different levels of support. In addition to providing dental fillings for cavities that we identify early, we can provide root canal therapy and dental crowns for teeth harmed by more significant issues with decay. We also provide help with issues like gum disease, and can even work with you on restoring your full smile if tooth loss is an issue for you.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Your Next Dental Exam

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to see you for your next dental exam! We have taken steps to make sure patients and team members are safe at our practice, which means we are ready to meet with you and provide you with beneficial care. To find out more, please call our dentist’s office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.