How Tooth Bonding Produces Positive Smile Changes

A minor problem with the shape, size, or color of one tooth can have a significant and frustrating impact on your appearance. While you can be eager to be rid of this seemingly minor issue, you may worry that cosmetic dental work will call for more changes to your tooth structure than you feel comfortable with. What you should know is that through tooth bonding treatment, your Rochester, MN dentist can carefully modify an unattractive tooth so that it has a more attractive appearance. To learn more about this and other services that we provide, take advantage of our free cosmetic consultations! At these visits, we can provide helpful information after examining your smile and hearing what you would like to change.

Can You Really Target Specific Smile Flaws That Bother Me?

Through tooth bonding treatment, we can carefully modify a tooth’s appearance to hide damage, discoloration, and even problems with its general shape or size. This approach can make specific changes without modifying the tooth with a permanent restoration. This approach can take less time than you expect, and despite its conservative nature can make long-term improvements.

Undergoing A Tooth Bonding Treatment

In the course of a tooth bonding treatment, your dentist will carefully apply a composite resin substance to your enamel to make sure problems with shape, size, color, and condition no longer affect the way you look. This substance imitates the appearance of bright, healthy enamel when it hardens, and it can be applied conservatively enough to minimize the change to your tooth. Because we do not have to craft or place a restoration, less time is needed to complete this process. In fact, for many people a tooth bonding procedure is something that we can complete after just one visit!

What Other Cosmetic Services Are Available To Patients?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that we can use to cover teeth and hide different flaws. While the creation and placement of veneers can take more time than treatment through tooth bonding, the veneers offer more durability. Sometimes, it is necessary to recommend a dental crown for the restoration of an unflattering tooth. This is because a crown can do more to support your bite function and oral health than a veneer or bonding procedure. You can be glad to hear that with the CEREC technology in our office, we can actually have your crown ready in just one appointment!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Tooth Bonding!

Our practice can provide positive changes to your smile by conservatively changing the shape, size, and color of any teeth that look out of place or unattractive. To find out more, or to discuss other cosmetic treatment options that are available to you, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.