Scheduling Cosmetic Services To Restore Misshapen Teeth

Just one tooth that appears to be a poor fit for your smile can seriously affect your confidence in the way you look. A misshapen tooth can negatively impact your facial symmetry, it can draw undesired attention, and it can sometimes affect your bite function. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we offer several cosmetic dental services that can address this matter. At a complimentary cosmetic consultation, we can make recommendations for care based on the tooth’s shape, size, and appearance. Some options can take less time and work than you might anticipate. For instance, a tooth bonding procedure is capable of restoring a tooth’s shape and size without the need to make or place any restorations.

The Shape And Size Of One Tooth Can Disrupt Your Smile

A problem with tooth shape or size can occur naturally. In other words, you may simply have teeth that do not look “right” in the context of your smile. While your difficulties may not be the result of an injury or poor oral health, it can still be a real concern. After all, facial symmetry is important to our confidence in how we look. With the proper treatment, we can make sure your smile looks more attractive, and that you no longer have a glaring issue that tends to draw unwanted attention.

Reviewing Your Options For Cosmetic Treatment

Both tooth bonding treatment and the placement of porcelain veneers can help improve the way you look by changing the shape and size of an awkward or out of place tooth. Bonding services change the way you look while minimizing changes to your tooth structure. Instead of applying a restoration to the tooth, we use composite resin to carefully improve its appearance. Veneers are thin shells that we can affix to the fronts of teeth. Minimal preparatory work is required to place a veneer, which can remain in good condition for many years. If there are any concerns that your flawed tooth might interfere with your bite function, we can offer a same-day dental crown made from a ceramic material that improves the way you look while also improving your smile.

Other Common Smile Flaws That We Can Address

Cosmetic services address problems with tooth shape and size, visible dental damage, dental discoloration, and even problems with poor dental alignment. If you are unsure of what treatment approach we should take, you can schedule a cosmetic consultation and learn more about how different procedures might affect your smile.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to address concerns that you have about your smile. To learn how we can take on problems with misshapen teeth, or to review treatment options for any other flaws, call our dentist’s office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.