3 Reasons To Schedule Preventive Dental Exams

Is it time for you to schedule your next routine dental exam? Our Rochester, MN dental office is open and prepared to see patients who require our services. We have made changes to our daily operations and added new technology to help control infection risks, so we can keep our patients and team members safe from exposure to coronavirus. Because of this, we remain available to patients who require different services, including dental exams. By returning to regular dental checkups, you will receive important protection against a number of different potential concerns that can affect your smile and well-being.

1. Regular Exams Give You Early Warnings About Tooth Decay

Your goal should be to completely avoid dental decay. Unfortunately, many people who feel they have an effective defense against decay will find themselves in need of restorative treatment at some point. The good news is that by attending checkups on a regular basis, you lower your risk for problems with advanced decay that require root canal therapy and treatment with dental crowns. When a cavity is caught earlier in its development, we can restore your tooth with a more conservative tooth filling and preserve more of your enamel.

2. Your Checkups Help You Avoid Problems With Gum Disease

At regular checkups, we are concerned with more than just dental decay. We also watch out for any signs of gum disease. Periodontal problems that go unresolved can worsen in time. An advanced infection makes you more vulnerable to tooth loss, and it can negatively affect your ability to maintain other health conditions! When we observe signs of gum disease, we can provide a special cleaning to remove bacteria from beneath your gum line and stop problems before they grow worse.

3. Your Hygienist Will Remove Tartar Buildup From Your Smile

Tartar buildup occurs over time as plaque deposits harden on teeth. When you experience tartar buildup, you will not be able to remove it on your own. Professional teeth cleanings remove tartar buildup so that your teeth are no longer affected by these deposits. When tartar buildup is not addressed, your risk for oral health issues rises. You also have to worry about the formation of visible deposits that will negatively affect your appearance.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist To Schedule A Preventive Dental Exam

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is open and ready to safely see patients! Because of this, we can continue to help you maintain a healthy smile by providing preventive services. We can also provide support to individuals who are concerned about active problems with their dental health, as well as those who are interested in cosmetic dentistry. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to our dentist’s office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.