Finding Conservative Solutions To Cosmetic Dental Flaws

You are tired of feeling like your smile is not worth showing off because of a certain flaw, or multiple flaws, that hurt your overall appearance. However, you also feel hesitant to even look into cosmetic dental work because you worry that treatment will take too much time, or that it might be too involved. This can be a frustrating state of mind, but when you learn more about your cosmetic treatment options, you can find out about services that make your ideal smile easier to reach than you expect! At our Rochester, MN dental office, we can arrange a conservative cosmetic procedure that restores the appearance of teeth that are not the right shape, size, or color to fit your smile. To find out what your treatment options include, you can schedule a free cosmetic consultation and learn about recommended services!

How Much Work Will It Really Take To Improve Your Smile?

You may not realize just how close you are to your ideal smile until you start looking into cosmetic treatment options. With the right procedure, you can find that your teeth can have their appearances restored through services that make minimal changes to your tooth structure. You may find that we can actually change the shape, size, and color of certain teeth without using restorations, which further reduces the amount of treatment required. Of course, we also provide professional whitening treatments that fight accumulated stains and produce significant improvements for people who are primarily concerned with dental discoloration.

Discussing Different Cosmetic Services

There are several services we offer that are capable of positively changing your smile. Porcelain veneers are slim restorations that only cover the front portions of your teeth. Their slim design requires less work than is involved in placing dental crowns, but they are still able to make long-term changes to your appearance. We also offer treatment in the form of tooth bonding. This work carefully reshapes and resizes teeth, using a composite resin material that can even cover issues with damage or discoloration. For those who are affected by poor smile alignment, we can make meaningful changes without modifying your tooth structure through Invisalign treatment.

Unsure Of How To Approach Your Smile Improvement Goals? Schedule A Consultation!

At a cosmetic consultation, you can receive information about cosmetic services tailored to your personal questions and priorities. We can do more than just list what services are available to you. After examining your teeth and hearing you concerns, we can recommend different treatment options. You may be surprised at the outcome of your procedure – for example, while you might assume you need a teeth whitening treatment, you can find that another service is recommended to address internal discoloration.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Cosmetic Dental Work!

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