Tartar Buildup Can Occur When You Skip Dental Exams

Do you currently feel good about your smile’s appearance and health? If you are practicing good habits, you can avoid problems with dental decay, gum disease, and tartar buildup. With that said, these are problems that can develop without your realizing it, which means they can gradually worsen over time before you know that something is wrong! One concern is tartar formation, which occurs when plaque deposits are not removed in time. By visiting your Rochester, MN dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings, you can enjoy access to important services that prevent problems like tartar accumulation. At these visits, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, and your smile will be closely evaluated to determine if there are active issues that require restorative work.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Tartar Buildup?

Tartar formations are hardened concentrations of plaque that develop over time. If you are doing a good job removing plaque buildup before these deposits harden, you can keep tartar off your teeth. What makes this substance so concerning for your oral health is that after tartar deposits form, they will not budge until they are cleaned by a dental hygienist. That means despite your best brushing and flossing efforts, you will only be able to prevent tartar buildup, no address deposits that are already present.

Scheduling Regular Dental Exams And Cleanings

Unless your dentist identifies issues that call for a different checkup timeline, you should plan on going in for routine visits every six months. By attending your exams consistently, you will stay protected against potential oral health issues that can form and worsen in time. Your hygienist will remove tartar buildup when carefully cleaning your teeth. Removing these deposits will protect you against both dental decay and gum disease. Your dentist can also check you for signs of tooth decay. If a cavity has formed since your last appointment, we can restore your tooth with a dental filling before the problem worsens and you need a dental crown.

Fighting Tartar Buildup Between Your Exams

It can be reassuring to know that your hygienist is able to remove tartar buildup from your teeth. However, it is still important for you to fight the accumulation of tartar between visits by practicing good habits on a daily basis. To avoid problems with tartar, brush at least two times a day and floss at least once to keep plaque off of your teeth.

Schedule A Dental Exam With Your Rochester, MN Dentist

Patients who come to Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry for routine care will be protected against tartar buildup and active concerns about dental decay or gum disease. If you need to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions about our practice, please call our dental office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.