Why This Is A Good Time To Schedule A Dental Exam

If you put off visits with your dentist, you leave yourself vulnerable to the onset of oral health issues that will worsen in time. Trouble with tooth decay and gum disease can form without your realizing it, and they can worsen until they become too serious to ignore. When this happens, you can find yourself in the dentist’s chair for a more involved restorative treatment, one that could have been avoided if you had received an earlier warning about trouble with your smile. Our Rochester, MN dentists’ office is open and accepting appointments for routine dental exams and cleanings. We have made changes to our office to make our space safe for patients and team members. These changes include updates to our scheduling and patient interactions, and the introduction of new technology that helps filter out harmful microbes in the air. We continue to monitor CDC and ADA guidance on operating safely during coronavirus so that we can continue helping our community.

When Was Your Last Routine Dental Exam?

You should receive routine dental care on a semiannual basis. By doing so, you can receive regular updates about the condition of your smile, as well as early warnings about issues like dental decay and gum disease. What can happen if you go longer without treatment? Without your scheduled teeth cleanings, you can be stuck with any tartar buildup on your teeth. Without exams, you can let a cavity grow until it causes a painful infection and requires root canal treatment, or you can experience problems with advanced gum disease.

How Checkups Help You Avoid Problems Over Time

Your dentist will look for any signs of poor oral health and recommend any necessary treatment (or treatments) to keep your smile in good health. Your dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing tartar and plaque deposits that make you vulnerable to the problems you are meant to avoid. Because these cleanings remove tartar, something that you are not able to do on your own, they have an important role to play in both preserving your appearance and avoiding trouble with your dental health.

What Happens If My Dentist Spots A Cavity During My Checkup?

While a small cavity still calls for restorative treatment, it can be caught and treated in time to stop a problem from progressing and potentially causing an infection. When caught in time, decay can be dealt with through the placement of a dental filling. This is a conservative treatment solution, one that only modifies the portion of your tooth where decay formed. Cavities that develop, go untreated, and continue to grow can eventually causes an infection that makes root canal therapy necessary. Larger cavities also require larger restorations – if you need treatment for more severe decay, you can be happy to know that our office is able to provide same-day dental crowns to patients.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam At Our Rochester, MN Dental Office

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to help patients stay informed about their oral health and protected against future dental problems. To schedule your next checkup, reach out to our dental office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.