What Happens When A Cavity Is Spotted During A Checkup?

If you have no oral health problems that require treatment, you can leave your regular dental exam feeling confident in your hygiene routine. Maintaining good habits between appointments is important, but people who feel good about their habits can still experience problems over time. If you have a cavity that your Rochester, MN dentist identifies at an appointment, you can feel more comfortable knowing that treatment can restore the health of your tooth and also preserve your appearance. We use dental fillings and dental crowns that imitate tooth enamel and avoid detection. If you require a dental crown for your cavity treatment, we can have it ready for you in just one appointment thanks to the CEREC technology we maintain in our office.

You May Not Realize That A Cavity Has Formed On Your Tooth

How can you have a cavity and not realize it? When a cavity first forms, it may not cause obvious discomfort. That means it can continue to grow until your next checkup, or until you do begin to suffer problems like sensitivity or pain. By consistently seeing your dentist for care, you can receive warnings when smaller cavities have formed. Earlier treatment preserves more of your tooth structure, and lowers your risk for developing a painful tooth infection.

We Can Treat Cavities Without Changing Your Appearance

By evaluating your tooth carefully, your dentist can determine whether you need a dental filling for your treatment, or if you require a dental crown. Fillings are a more conservative option because they only cover a limited amount of space. The composite material we use to make fillings will be applied directly to where your cavity formed, and it will harden to provide lasting support. With CEREC technology, we can digitally measure a tooth, design a custom dental crown, and produce that crown in the office, which means you can have it in place after just one appointment. Once this is done, you can feel comfortable with your appearance and ability to bite and chew without difficulty.

How Regular Checkups Help You Avoid Future Cavities

Remember that routine dental exams do more than just let you know whether or not you have problems with your smile. At these appointments, we also provide preventive care to make them less likely! The teeth cleanings performed during preventive visits remove tartar buildup that makes you vulnerable to tooth decay as well as gum disease. Because you cannot remove tartar on your own, you need to rely on your dentist for regular services to keep your teeth clean.

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